Council Reviews Code of Conduct Bylaw

Council gave first reading to the Code of Conduct Bylaw during last night’s meeting. The bylaw was implemented by Council back in February of 2018. It creates a framework for governing the conduct of Council members, Council committee members, and other bodies established by Council. An external consultant was brought in to examine the bylaw and provide recommendations for an update. The Code of Conduct Bylaw will be given a second and third reading by Council at the next meeting.

Find more information on the Code of Conduct Bylaw and revisions on pages 41 – 72 in the agenda package.

2020 Financial Update

An update of Town finances was on the agenda last night. Council was presented with the Town’s 2020 financial results with consideration to COVID-19 and the impacts on operations.

Approximately 5% of residents and businesses took advantage of the Utility Payment Deferral program and 8.6% of taxable accounts participated in the Property Tax Payment Deferral. With a number of facilities directly affected by COVID-19 restrictions, the total revenue loss projected for 2020 comes in at $355,000. Operating with reduced staff and restrictions in place, the Stony Plain Golf Course is projected to break even for the 2020 season, dependant on weather moving into the fall. The hiring freeze put in place earlier in the year has been lifted as of September and recruitment has begun for select positions.

The Corporate Planning process for 2021 – 2023 is well under way and the Town continues to operate within the approved 2020 budget.

Read more about this year’s Financial Standings report in the agenda package on pages 75 – 79.

Golf Course Operational Update

The Stony Plain Golf Course is keeping busy this summer! Nearly 30,000 rounds have been played at the course, compared with 18,248 in 2019. At this time, the golf course continues to operate with restrictions in place. Depending on the fall weather, the golf course is projecting a mid-October close for the season. The final operational report for the Stony Plain Golf Course will be presented to Council at the end of the golfing season.

Find more information on the Stony Plain Golf Course operational update on pages 81 – 85 of the agenda.

Downtown Library Looks to Open in February of 2021

With the Three Robins site getting closer to completion, the relocation of the Stony Plain Public Library edges nearer. Council received an update on the new library project and has been informed the project is expected to be completed in December 2020 with the new library opening to the public by February 2021.

A complete project report will be presented in the first Quarterly Report of 2021. 

Read more about the Municipal Library Project update on pages 87 – 90 of the agenda.

Taxation of Vacant Lands Policy Review

Council reviewed a motion to introduce a policy for taxing vacant land in Stony Plain. The Taxation of Vacant Lands policy was initiated by Council in November of 2019 and Administration has since been developing a policy, though work has been delayed due to COVID-19. In the policy’s current form, both residential and non-residential lands that remain vacant seven years after subdivision would be included and see a tax rate set at 1.25 times the normal property tax rate.

With Council’s approval, the Taxation of Vacant Lands policy will be introduced in 2021. The item will be brought back to Council at the September 28 Council Meeting for decision.

Learn more about the Taxation of Vacant Lands policy and find the full draft in the agenda package from pages 92 – 106.

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