Day 3 is finishing up!  

Today, crews have been focusing on removing snow in the downtown core, all Town parking lots have been cleared. Priority roads and the North Business Park have had the snow pushed to the side. 

On Thursday, February 29th, crews will be: 

  • Continuing to remove snow from downtown, in areas not impacted by garbage collection.
  • Removing snow on 779 - expect delays between 9:30 am - 3:00 pm with lanes blocked and traffic control.
  • Removing snow on Oatway Dr.
  • Removing snow on Brickyard Dr through to 57 Ave around Westview School in areas not impacted by garbage collection.

Make sure to have all vehicles and driveway ramps removed from the road, crews are out by 6 am.

Residential Snow Removal is scheduled to begin on Monday, March 4. Watch for daily updates as to where crews will be.

There will be a lot of equipment out there, please provide operators the space they need to work safely and navigate their equipment. Icy road conditions and intersections will be monitored and addressed as needed. You may submit a problem through Report a Problem - Stony Plain or call Public Works at 780-963-2469.

Visit the Road Maintenance page for more information on snow removal.