STONY PLAIN, AB: Doing business in the Tri-Municipal Region just got easier thanks to a new Intermunicipal Business Licence Arrangement between the Town of Stony Plain and City of Spruce Grove.

If you are a business owner in either community, you can now apply for a business licence in the other community at no charge, allowing you to operate in both municipalities without having to purchase multiple business licences!

“We are delighted to share the Intermunicipal Business Licence Arrangement with the City of Spruce Grove, presenting a streamlined and economically efficient pathway for businesses in our area,” says Stony Plain Mayor William Choy. “This joint initiative highlights our dedication to economic growth and empowering local entrepreneurs. By removing barriers and facilitating cross-municipal operations, we aim to elevate the business landscape in both Stony Plain and Spruce Grove, making the Tri-Municipal Region an attractive place for business to succeed.”

“Supporting our local business community is so important to the vitality and prosperity of our city and the creation of this business-friendly licensing model will make it that much easier to do business within Spruce Grove and throughout the Tri-Municipal Region,” said Spruce Grove Mayor Jeff Acker. “This collaborative approach with our neighbours in Stony Plain will help to streamline processes, reduce licensing costs and support our businesses.”  

It’s quick and easy to take advantage of this new arrangement:

  • If you are a Stony Plain business owner with an active 2024 business licence, you simply have to apply for a Spruce Grove business licence through CityView and upload your active Stony Plain business licence. Once reviewed, you will be issued a 2024 Spruce Grove business licence at no cost.
  • If you are a Spruce Grove business owner with an active 2024 business licence, you can apply for a no charge Stony Plain licence by completing the short application form on the Town’s website HERE.

Once issued, there is no annual renewal fee for this arrangement, provided the business remains active and there is no change to the business location/type/owner and your annual active business licence is uploaded from Stony Plain.

For Parkland County businesses, they will be offered a reduced, flat-rate annual intermunicipal licensing fee in support of regional collaboration. Mobile vendors will also be able purchase a six-month business licence to operate in both Stony Plain and Spruce Grove if they choose.