STONY PLAIN, AB: Throughout January, the Town of Stony Plain is spearheading a community-wide effort to explore valuable insights into mental health and wellness while connecting residents to essential local resources.

The 2024 ‘Let’s Talk Mental Health’ campaign seeks to empower community members with information they wish they had known earlier about mental health. Mayor William Choy emphasizes the importance of open conversations about mental well-being and understanding the diverse aspects of these discussions.

“I am thrilled to continue the dialogue on mental health, recognizing its significance in our community. Our conversations may be challenging, but they are essential to fostering understanding and support for one another,” says Mayor William Choy.

Key elements of the ‘Let’s Talk Mental Health’ campaign include:

1. Insights from the Community:

Community members will share their personal insights on what they wish they had known earlier about mental health and wellness. Here are some compelling voices we’ve already heard:

  • “We are not alone, belonging somewhere is very important – its all about connections.”
  • “Everyone has mental health; it is part of the whole person.”
  • “Mental health is not a sign of brokenness.”

2. Connecting to Local Resources:

The dedicated ‘Help and Supports’ webpage will be promoted, providing easy access to local health resources. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between awareness and action, ensuring that residents can readily find the support they need.

3. 988 Suicide Crisis Hotline:

As of November 30, 2023, Canada has introduced the 988 service for suicide prevention and immediate support. The campaign will highlight this crucial service, encouraging residents to dial 988 when in need of assistance or someone to talk to.

4. Community Pop-Ups:

Community engagement will be taken to the next level with pop-ups at the Tri-Leisure Centre on January 15 and the Stony Plain Public Library from January 19 to 26, 2024. These points will serve as hubs for raising awareness and connecting community to local resources.

Community Development Officer Brooklyn Bignell shares her enthusiasm for upcoming ‘Let’s Talk Mental Health’ initiatives, stating, “Through the ‘Let’s Talk Mental Health’ campaign, we are creating a space for community members to share, learn, and connect to resources. Our goal is to break down barriers and enhance the inclusivity and supportiveness of our community.”

Residents are encouraged to actively participate in the campaign and follow updates on social media. For more information about mental health in the community and to access local supports, visit our Help and Supports page.