Let’s Get Together! Get involved in Stony Plain’s first ever Neighbours Day celebration – a day to get together with neighbours to connect, celebrate and build community. Neighbours Day 2019 will be held on Saturday, September 21, 2019.

To participate, invite 10 neighbours to a get-together on September 21. Your event can be as simple as going on a group walk or having coffee on your driveway. Get your Neighbours Day kit at Stony Plain FCSS and display your yard sign to show your neighbourhood pride. It’s all about getting together to celebrate and connect.

Mayor William Choy says, “Neighbours Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our community and get to know the people who make up Stony Plain.  I’m looking forward to seeing this celebration continue for years to come.”

You can join the Mayor at 9AM in Shikaoi Park to kick off the day’s activities with music, coffee, conversation and cinnamon buns. Lisa Mulrooney, our Poet Laureate, will be in attendance to craft a unique poem to mark the occasion.

To pick up your Neighbours Day kit, visit Stony Plain FCSS at 4613-52 Avenue. Don’t forget to put your yard sign on your lawn and celebrate community!