STONY PLAIN, AB: The Old Town South Redevelopment project is set to rekindle the heart and soul of Stony Plain’s historic core, bringing forth an exciting journey that beckons cherished memories and tales from our long-time residents. We are thrilled to invite our community to be a part of this initiative, sharing the vibrant tapestry of Old Town South.

“As a long-time resident of this wonderful community, I am thrilled to see the Old Town South Redevelopment project come to fruition. This initiative not only breathes new life into our cherished area but also allows us to preserve the rich history and memories that have shaped Stony Plain over the years,” said Mayor William Choy.

The Old Town South Redevelopment project seeks to capture the essence of the community, preserving its history and the cherished moments that make Old Town South special. We encourage long-time residents to contribute their captivating tales, anecdotes, and fond memories through short 1-3 minute videos, sharing their unique stories and connections to the area.

“What does Old Town South mean to you? How has Stony Plain shaped your life? This is our home and yours, and we believe your stories hold the key to understanding the heart of our community,” remarked Senior Communications Officer Stephanie Barsby Boisvert.

These video stories will serve as a time capsule, highlighting the unique identity of Old Town South – its small-scale commercial experiences and the local events that have shaped this vibrant community. Every cherished memory, significant milestone, and personal connection to a particular place will contribute to capturing the spirit of Old Town South.

To Participate:

  1. Record a short video, approximately 1-3 minutes in length
  2. Upload it to your preferred video sharing social media channel
  3. Include the hashtags #StonyPlain, #ReimagineStonyPlain, #OldTownSouth, #OldTownRedevelopment, and #MyStonyPlain in your video description or caption
  4. Share the link to your video with us by sending an email to
  5. Include your name, contact information, and a brief description of the content in your submission

“Your story matters. By sharing your video, you contribute to the collective narrative of Old Town South and play a vital role in preserving its legacy. Selected videos may be featured on the official Old Town South Redevelopment webpage, social media channels, or in future conversations, shaping the future of this cherished community,” affirmed Mayor Choy.

For more information and to stay updated on the Old Town South Redevelopment project, visit our Old Town South Redevelopment webpage.