STONY PLAIN, AB: The Town of Stony Plain is celebrating its long serving staff members with the annual Long Service Awards. These awards recognize staff who have served their community with pride and continue to demonstrate a commitment to public service.

"I am humbled by the exceptional dedication and commitment of our staff. Their hard work behind the scenes has been instrumental in shaping our community. We simply wouldn't be the community we are today without them,” says Town Manager Tom Goulden. “This year, we have 20 recipients with varying lengths of service, from 5 years to an impressive 30 years, being recognized. I extend gratitude to our staff and offer my congratulations to each team member on their remarkable long-service anniversaries."

This year, 20 Town employees are being recognized for Long Service Awards.

5 Years:

  • Trista Baksa
  • Louanne Berg
  • Kristina Boechler
  • Michelle Chudoba
  • Tammy Reich
  • Vincent Shanmugam
  • Veronica Wenzel

10 Years:

  • Brock Adams
  • Amanda Alwyn-Smith
  • Ron Fenske
  • Michael Greenbank
  • Karl Hill
  • Christina Michaud
  • Bob Reich

15 Years:

  • Tiffany Anderson
  • Wayne Dominique
  • Jennifer Penner
  • Shelley Prusak

20 Years:

  • Pam Swenson

30 Years:

  • Scott Presho
Congratulations to all staff members and thank you for everything you have and continue to do for our community!