STONY PLAIN, AB: The 2023 Matthew Claus Award has been awarded to Trevor Mistal, the Town of Stony Plain Fire Chief. The award was presented at the Town’s annual Long Service Awards and Recognition Banquet.

Trevor Mistal stands as a pillar of strength within the Town of Stony Plain. His leadership is characterized by a deep sense of caring, commitment, and dedication to both his staff and the community at large. Trevor’s genuine concern for the well-being of others is evident in his proactive approach to supporting sick or injured staff members. He is known to be the first to reach out to lend a helping hand, whether it’s a hospital visit or helping at home. This level of personal involvement exemplifies Trevor’s heartfelt dedication to those under his care, demonstrating respect not only for their professional roles, but for their individual well-being.

It is with great pleasure that we award Trevor Mistal with the Matthew Claus Award. Trevor’s exceptional dedication and selfless service to our community are nothing short of extraordinary. His actions exemplify the values that this award represents. Congratulations to Trevor for his outstanding contributions and for carrying on the remarkable legacy of Matthew Claus.” Says Town Manager Tom Goulden.

“Trevor’s selfless actions, from personally rewiring the Youth Centre to shoveling driveways for senior citizens, showcase his unwavering commitment to our community. His genuine concern for the well-being of his staff and neighbours sets him apart as a true leader. Trevor’s tireless efforts, such as rewiring a smoke detector for a senior at Heritage Court Apartments or driving a citizen home during a blizzard, further exemplify his dedication to the people of Stony Plain,” a co-worker shares.

Furthermore, Trevor's leadership in the Fire Department resonates with an unwavering commitment to the betterment of Stony Plain. He empowers his team through education and mentorship, prioritizing the well-being of the community. Trevor's actions showcase a genuine dedication to public service and civil duty, leaving a profound impact on Stony Plain's residents. Beyond his role, his positive actions, leadership, and volunteer work reverberate through the community, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to its betterment and inclusivity. His exceptional dedication truly embodies the values honored by the Matthew Claus Award.

Matthew Claus, former Manager of Planning for the Town of Stony Plain, passed away on April 19, 2016. Matthew took pride in his work, treated his co-workers with respect, and believed in public service. The Town of Stony Plain founded the Matthew Claus Award to honour his legacy. The award is presented annually to an employee who demonstrates the qualities Matthew Claus was known and respected for.