The Buddy Up Campaign is a national campaign started by Alberta's Centre for Suicide Prevention.  The campaign is about how suicide in men can be prevented.  Stony Plain encourages residents to become more suicide aware and the Buddy Up Campaign is just one opportunity to do so.  In June grab your Buddy Up swag from the Town Office or the Community and Social Development office at #107, 4613-52 Avenue while supplies last.

Become a Buddy Up Champion

You can become a Buddy Up Champion.  The role of a buddy up champion is to support someone who may be struggling, learn more about this issue of men and suicide, and to take it to your group and share it with others. 

You can be a champion by participating in the June Challenge and using suggestions from the Champion's toolbox on how you can champion.  

Join the challenge and you could win prizes

Download the June 2022 challenge card and complete as many activities as you can from the Challenge card as you can to promote mental wellbeing and drive connection throughout the month of June.  Enter win amazing prizes by submitting your card at the end of the month.  Start a competition with your own group.  Get text updates on the challenge by proving your phone number.  

Learn about suicide 

Take a safeTALK session June 23 from 12:30 to 4PM in Stony Plain. Cost $50/person for ages 16+.  Email Community and Social Development to register.  Event will take place in Stony Plain at #107, 4613-52 Avenue.  Needs a minimum of 12 people registered to run.

Take training online with the Living Works program Start

Visit the Buddy up website to learn about suicide in men so you know contributing factors, potential resources and signs that suicide might be an issue.  

Crisis resources

If you are in crisis contact the Crisis Services Canada 1.833.456.4566 or connect with Access 24/7 780-424-2424

Other resources that might interest you

Tough Enough to Talk About It -This is a program for men working in trades, industry, and agriculture. The program features males who have dealt with stress, depression, suicidal behaviours, or loss from suicide.

Dude's Clubs - Spaces that facilitate a participant-led community for men’s wellness, which prioritize supportive relationships, engagement in health care, and an Indigenous world view.

Men’s Sheds - Community-based organizations that provide a safe and friendly environment for men to learn practical skills, develop new interests, work on meaningful projects (e.g., carpentry, restoring bicycles for a local school, gardening, art), connect with other men, and talk about their problems. Some Men’s Sheds incorporate visits from health care professionals and access to men’s health literature.

Heads up Guys - This is a website with information and resources to encourage help seeking among men at risk for depression and suicide.

Next Gen Men - Working towards a future where boys & men experience less pain, and cause less harm by promoting positive masculinities, mental wellness, healthy relationships, and gender equality in schools, communities, and workplaces across Canada.

Man Therapy - An interactive website that uses humour and fun to encourage men to address their mental health and to seek help for themselves if necessary. Men can interact with a therapist, do a self-assessment, and get mental health tips. The website is American and refers users to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (USA) and/or a list of professional mental health providers.

Support local suicide prevention projects

You can support your local suicide initiatives by donating to the Coordinated Suicide Prevention Program through the Simon Poultney Foundation or by registering for the Rotary Run for Life a 5K, 10K or half marathon fundraiser that takes place in Stony Plain in September to raise money for suicide and mental health initiatives. 

About the Coordinated Suicide Prevention Program

The Coordinated Suicide Prevention Program serves Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Parkland County.  The Coordinated Suicide Prevention Program offers local suicide prevention training like SafeTALK, teaches peer-to-peer support in schools and community through the Community Helpers Program, supports the local Survivors of Suicide Loss Group, is piloting an Attempted Suicide Support Group, hosts a Survivors of Suicide Loss Day and Suicide Prevention Week.  The Coordinated Suicide Prevention Program also assists with the May Darkness into Light Walk and the September Rotary Run for Life. Through the Coordinated Suicide Prevention Program, the region is part of the Mental Health Commission of Canada Early Adopter of the Roots of Hope Suicide Prevention Strategy being developed nationally.  The Coordinated Suicide Prevention Program is also a partnering on suicide research with the University of Calgary, University of Alberta, Alberta Health Services and the Primary Care Network focused on Youth Suicide Prevention.