Jane's Walk is an annual community-led tour that encourages people to share stories about their neighbourhood and discover unseen aspects of their community. Each year, we explore a new topic to encourage residents to teach us about the community they call home, while using walking as a way to connect with neighbours. 

We walk our town to honour the ideas of Jane Jacobs (1916-2006), a writer, urbanist, and activist best known for her writings about cities. Jane Jacobs championed the voices of everyday people in neighbourhood planning and city building.

Jane's Walk 2023

Jane's Walk 2023 was a facilitated walking tour to explore how form follows function in Stony Plain's Old Town North. Community members gathered on Sunday, May 7, 2023 at the Stony Plain and Parkland Pioneer Museum to walk, talk, and explore form, function, and the built environment!

Connecting our Community (2021)
Looking for new ways to connect with your community? We took to the trails to demonstrate how connected the town really is, exploring how far we could travel using modes of active transportation. Check out Connecting our Community and get moving for your next Jane's Walk adventure!
 Generating Urban Diversity in a Small Town (2020)
An alternative twist on a conventional Jane's Walk, we presented the four generators of diversity as a virtual tour exploring what generates diversity in urban areas. If you're interested in how small blocks, mixed uses, aged buildings, and population density foster your everyday interactions in the town of Stony Plain, check out Generating Urban Diversity in a Small Town!
 Heritage in a Modernizing Town (2019)
Cultural heritage meets land use planning in this exploration of how new development can exist in harmony with aged buildings. If you missed the event, check out the summary video to see highlights of the tour!

If you have questions about previous tours or have topics you would like explored in future years, please contact us.