Aboriginal Medicine Wheel (2018)

Each year participants helped make pieces of the wheel. It represents North East South and West, the Circle of Life, and the wisdom of each animal the buffalo, the eagle, the bear and the wolf.

Located at: Heritage Park (5100-41 Avenue)

Lead Artist: Tracie Mandrek

Assisting Artists: Kathy Weiss, Heather Lyll, Diane Miele, Barb Watchman, Brenda Evjan, Donna Wakefield, and Jackie Billows of the Parkland Potters' Guild.

Alberta Winter Games Legacy Monument (2012)

This 26.5 ton boulder includes the engraving of the lyrics of the 2012 Winter Games song.

Located at: Heritage Park (5100-41 Avenue)

Disc Drumming (2018)

Use the mallets to make music on this sculpture. It is made of 11 agricultural disc harrows. This piece represents the farming history of Stony Plain.

Located at: Rotary Park (4815-44 Avenue)

Artists: James Cameron Smith & William Doef, Ontario

Enduring Connections (2019)

Coming Soon. There will be an open call for the public to participate in Spring of 2019.

Located at: Heritage Park (5100-41 Avenue)

Artist: Paul Reimer, Cranbrook, BC

Horse and Rider (1974)

This fountain is a commemoration of the RCMP centennial. The sculpture represents a Mountie leading his horse over a stream.

Located at: Multicultural Heritage Centre (5411-51 Street)

Artist: Don Bednar

Outdoor Piano Project

Painted by local artists, stop by and play one of our three outdoor pianos.

Located at: Shikaoi Park (4905-51 Avenue), Multicultural Heritage Centre (5411-51 Street) and the Visitor Information Centre (4815-44 Avenue)

Sherriff Israel Umbach Statue (1997)

Made for the real Sherriff Israel Umbach of early Stony Plain. He has his chains to chain the train to the tracks until he gets the taxes from the railroad. It is made from scrap metal and bronze. It is six feet and weighs 400lbs.

Located at: Rotary Park (4815-44 Avenue)

Artist: Shane Repka – Spruce Grove, AB

Story Time and Golden Years (2008)

These statues represent old to young and how learning is shared. These statues were purchased for Stony Plain's 100th birthday.

Located at: Town Hall (4905-51 Avenue)

Artist: Max Turner, Ken Morris