Shikaoi students meeting host family

Apply to be a host family for Japanese students each October.

koi fish in pong

Visit Shikaoi, Hokkaido as part of the student exchange program.

japanese garden

Experience life in Japan as part of the Long Stay program.

japanese food

Opportunity to live in Shikaoi and teach English to children and  adults.

japanese delegates in front of mural

The Adult Delegation sends Stony Plain adults to Shikaoi and learn about our sister town.

japanese pond

Shikaoi is a farming community for more than 5,500 residents. It is located forty minutes from Obihiro City on the central island of Hokkaido in Japan.

japanese building

Read the experiences of Stony Plain residents living in Shikaoi. 

japanese lanterns

The mission of the A/JTMA is to stimulate, co-ordinate, and facilitate twinning opportunities between the Province of Alberta and Japan.