Do you want to be part of a Council appointed board? You will be able to provide input into decisions facing the Town of Stony Plain now and in the coming years. Most boards include a member of Council.


In July each year, we begin recruiting citizens to sit on Council appointed boards. Council appoints new members during the Organizational Council Meeting in October.

Submit your online application now, or download the application and send it to us. 


You must be 18 or older and a resident of Stony Plain, unless otherwise stated. You are not eligible to sit on any Town-sponsored board or committee if you have an overdue account with the Town at the time of application.

Getting started

Review the selection policy and submit the online application. You can also pick up an application at the Town Hall. Council will appoint qualified candidates based on recommendations from the board. We will notify you by mail of Council's decision.

Citizen-at-large boards

Cultural Roundtable (CRT)

The CRT provides advice on policies, programs and facilities for local arts and culture within the Town. Citizen member appointments are 2 year terms with a maximum of three consecutive terms. The CRT includes artists, cultural stakeholders, and community residents with a passion for arts and culture.

2 Openings

  • 1 Indigenous Representative - must be Indigenous and may be a resident or non-resident of Stony Plain
  • 1 Youth Connector - must be a resident of Stony Plain and involved with youth in the community through employment or volunteer activities.

Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Planning Advisory Committee is established to provide community based input, feedback and perspectives on planning related projects and applications that require Council approval.

No Openings

Stony Plain Public Library Board

The Library Board manages, regulates and controls the Town of Stony Plain library. Citizen member appointments are 3 year terms with a maximum of three consecutive terms.

No Openings

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB)

The SDAB hears appeals from a decision of the Subdivision Authority or Development Authority and makes decisions based on the evidence presented. Citizen member appointments are 3 year terms with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

No Openings

Tri Municipal Leisure Facility Corporation Board

The Tri Leisure Board works to make sure the TLC is, and continues to be, a champion of community involvement in the Tri-Municipal Region.

No Openings