Bylaws maintain the health, safety and wellbeing of the community. These bylaws apply inside the municipal boundaries of the Town of Stony Plain.

If you don't see the bylaw you're looking for, please contact Legislative Services.


Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw


Building Permit Bylaw


Business License Bylaw


Cannabis Consumption Bylaw

Cannabis Land Use Bylaw Amendment


Code of Conduct Bylaw

Council Procedural Bylaw


Debenture Bylaw 2494 DEB 13

Debenture Bylaw 2495 DEB 13

Debenture Bylaw 2537 DEB 15

Debenture Bylaw 2556 DEB 16

Debenture Bylaw 2565 DEB 16


Open Burning Bylaw


Solid Waste Management Bylaw

Land Use

Land Use Bylaw

Land Use Bylaw Amendment 2580 LUO 17

Off-site Levy Bylaw

Noise & Nuisance

Noise Control Bylaw

Nuisance Bylaw

Public Behaviour Bylaw

Records & Information

Records & Information Management Bylaw


Assessment Complaints Manager Bylaw

Supplementary Assessment Bylaw 2018

Supplementary Tax Rate Bylaw 2018

Tax Certificates and other Tax-Related Fees Bylaw

Tax Rate Bylaw 2018


Traffic Bylaw


Utility Bylaw


The Town of Stony Plain makes policies to promote good governance and ensure the consistent and transparent operation of services, programs, facilities and administration.

Administrative Policies

Administrative policies are approved by the Town Manager and focus on operational matters and administration of the Town within the authority granted by the Municipal Government Act, Bylaws and Council Policies.

Council Polices

Council policies are a written commitment and direction of Council regarding matters of governance, public services, programs and standards of performance for the Town, based on Council's values, priorities and strategic direction. The Municipal Development Plan (MDP), Strategic Plan and Corporate Plan are considered Council Policies.

For more information about our policies please contact Legislative Services.


If you have questions regarding the enforcement of Town bylaws please contact Municipal Enforcement Services.