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South Park Drive Completion and Adjacent Town Land Redevelopment

Thank you for filling out the survey, it is now closed. The Public Participation Summary contains details on the feedback received through the survey.

Council has given first reading of Bylaws 2656/D&P/22 and 2657/LUO/22 to update the South Business Park Area Structure Plan (ASP) and amend the Land Use Bylaw District Map. See the Council meeting highlights for more information on the Bylaws. 

The Town is proposing to complete South Park Drive and redevelop the northern half of the greenspace, which will include:

  • adding a second vehicular access into Silverstone from South Park Drive;

  • servicing the lot north of South Park Drive to allow for development and future expansion of the Westview Health Centre;

  • creating and servicing a new lot for private development;

  • adding new recreational amenities to the remaining greenspace; and

  • relocating the trail that connects the remaining greenspace to 44 Avenue to create a buffer between the new lot and Silverstone neighbourhood. 

For more information, please view the open house boards and check out the frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions about the South Park Drive Completion and Adjacent Town Land Redevelopment Project, please contact us by phone at 780-963-8646 or by email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Town considering redeveloping the greenspace?

This greenspace was originally provided to the Town as part of a series of public utility lots intended to manage anticipated stormwater from the future development proposed in the area. Later, during the detailed design of the adjacent development, one large public utility lot was deemed sufficient for stormwater management, leaving the remaining public utility lots unused. As part of the Town’s annual review of municipally owned land, staff determined that this area is not needed for its original function and identified the land as surplus. Therefore, the Town is exploring options to develop a portion of the area to support regional and municipal growth projects, while meeting the needs of the community.

What is a public utility lot? 

A public utility lot is land owned by the Town to be used for a utility function, such as stormwater drainage, underground water, sanitary, or stormwater pipes, or stormwater ponds. They are normally dedicated to the Town by a developer when land is being developed, which was the case for Lot 8PUL.

What will happen to the greenspace?

The northern half of the site is being proposed for private residential development with possible commercial space, and a linear park with a trail to act as a buffer adjacent to Silverstone. The southern half of the site will remain as an open space with new recreation amenities being considered to complement the existing site amenities.

What is happening next with this project?

Town Administration is preparing bylaws to update the South Business Park Area Structure Plan and the Land Use Bylaw (redistricting) to facilitate the proposed redevelopment of the greenspace. These applications will be presented to Council for consideration later this year and include a public hearing to ensure residents and other stakeholders have the opportunity to provide their thoughts on the proposal. 
When will this project be completed?

The detailed road design and related bylaw applications for South Park Drive are expected to be completed in 2022. Construction of the South Park Drive extension is currently planned to be completed in 2028. 

I was told there would be a park in the Silverstone neighbourhood, will we be getting a park? 

As part of the neighbourhood development process, a developer must provide a portion of developable land for parks. In Silverstone, the lands east and south of the neighbourhood were given to the Town to create a linear park around the neighbourhood featuring an extensive trail and to provide a buffer from the railway tracks. No additional land is planned to be provided for a park in Silverstone.

This hill provides recreation opportunities and is well-used by the community, will it be removed?

The hill on the northern half of the site will be removed if the development proposal proceeds. The hill in the southern half of the site is planned to remain.

How can I comment on the proposal?

Before April 22, 2022, you can provide written feedback by filling out this survey. All feedback received in the survey will be summarized and presented as part of the Council agenda package for consideration when the bylaws are presented to Council for first reading (May 9, 2022). You may also present written or verbal comments to Council during the public hearing, which will be scheduled after Council gives first reading to the bylaws. Once a public hearing date is set (estimated June 27, 2022), notifications will be sent to adjacent landowners and advertised to the community to notify them of the opportunity to comment on the proposal during the public hearing. 


Urban Agriculture Plan

Urban agriculture can be defined as the growing, processing, and distribution of food and other products through intensive plant cultivation and animal husbandry in and around urban areas.

Following the creation of the Regional Agricultural Master Plan (RAMP) by the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board, the Town of Stony Plain is creating its first Urban Agriculture Plan (UAP) to provide guidance on urban agriculture development at the municipal level, and practices within the town that consider future climate change impacts. The UAP is intended to identify how urban agriculture can be supported in Stony Plain, as well as the key components to determine the role of urban agriculture in Stony Plain's future. 

Help determine what the future of agriculture looks like in Stony Plain considering the changing climate and our role as a metropolitan area within the Edmonton region. 

Share your thoughts on urban agriculture by completing the survey from November 10-December 10, 2021! 

If you have any questions about the Urban Agriculture Plan, please contact us by phone at 780-963-2151 ext. 1971 or email.