For information on address signage view our addressing brochure.

Business Licence

You can apply for several types of licences:

For more information, visit our business licence section.

Building permit

You need a building permit for:

  • New construction and additions
  • Minor improvements (decks, sheds, hot tubs, wood burning appliances, etc.)
  • Demolishing and moving buildings
  • Renovations

Apply for a permit

You can apply for a building permit at Town Hall. For more information on permits, visit our development and building permits section.


For more information on cannabis retail sales, use our cannabis retail sales development permit application checklist

Compliance reports

You can request a compliance report at Town Hall.

Development permits

You can apply for a development permit at Town Hall. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Contact our planning department for more information or visit our development and building permits section.

Electrical permit

You can apply for an electrical permit at Town Hall.

Fire pits

Read our fire pit usage guide for more information. Burning permits are issued by the Fire Department.

Gas permit

You can apply for a gas permit at Town Hall.

Landowner consent

You can obtain a landowner consent form at Town Hall.

Land use bylaw amendments (redistricting)

Download our application to amend the land use bylaw.

Lot grading

Download our rough grade compliance checklist. Save the document to your desktop before filling it out.

Plumbing permit and private sewage permit

You can apply for a plumbing permit at Town Hall.

Statutory plans
Download our application to amend an area structure plan. For other types of statutory plans please contact the Planning and Infrastructure Department.

Download our subdivision application form. For subdivision condominium conversions download our subdivision application for condominium conversions form. For endorsement extensions download our subdivision endorsement extension application form. For extension agreements download our time extension agreement for a subdivision application.