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For information on address signage view our addressing brochure.

Business licence

Stony Plain has a Land Use Bylaw that determines what kinds of businesses are allowed in each area of our community. Before you sign a lease, check with Planning and Development to see if you can operate your business in the area you choose. We can help you through the process and make sure you have all the permits and inspections you need to start your business off on the right foot.

You can apply for several types of licences:

For more information, visit our business licence section. Information on business license fees can be found in our fees section.

Building permit

Additional items may be required to accompany your residential alterations and additions building permit application including:

As of January 1, 2021, the Town of Stony Plain has updated its Quality Management Plan. Upon receiving your issued permit, please review the conditions carefully for any changes that may have occurred.

Visit our development and building permits page to determine which application is required for your construction project.


Download our change of use development permit application to apply for Cannabis Retail Sales.

Compliance reports

You can request a compliance report at Town Hall. For more information on compliance reports see our compliance report information package

Development agreements

Download our development agreement application to enter a development agreement with the Town related to your subdivision or development. 

Development permits

Download our development permit applications for:

You may require a right of entry form to complete your application.  

Visit our development and building permits page to determine which application is required for your construction project.

Electrical permit

You can apply for a electrical permit at Town Hall. As of January 1, 2021, the Town of Stony Plain has updated its Quality Management Plan. Upon receiving your issued permit, please review the conditions carefully for any changes that may have occurred.

Environmental records search

Download our environmental records search request form to obtain current and historical environmental information for a specific property. 


Read our fence brochure for more information. 

Fire pits

Read our fire pit usage guide for more information. Burn permits are issued by the Fire Department.

Gas permit

You can apply for a gas permit at Town Hall. As of January 1, 2021, the Town of Stony Plain has updated its Quality Management Plan. Upon receiving your issued permit, please review the conditions carefully for any changes that may have occurred.

Land development inquiry

The Land Development Inquiry process is the first step for any land development project. Planning staff will respond with detailed information and next steps to help you complete your project. Whether you have a general question or are almost ready to make your application, submit a Land Development Inquiry to get started!

Landowner consent

You can obtain a landowner consent form at Town Hall.

Lot grading

The Town of Stony Plain has a two stage approval process for lot grading.  Rough grade approval is generally the responsibility of the homebuilder. Check to ensure your builder has obtained rough grade approval from the Town prior to proceeding with completing the final grade. Download our rough grade compliance checklist. Save the document to your desktop before filling it out.  Four photos of the subject lot and rough grade certificate are required to deem your submission complete.

Apply for final grade approval by contacting an Alberta Land Surveyor to survey your property and prepare a final grade certificate. The surveyor submits your certificate and your contact information to the Town of Stony Plain. Town Lot Grading Inspectors review your grading within 10 business days of receiving the certificate (workload and weather permitting). The lot grading inspection report and certificate are emailed and mailed following the inspection. Lot grading inspection fees for all final grading inspections have been pre-paid by the builder.

Moving and demolition permit

If you are moving or demolishing a home in Stony Plain a moving and demolition permit is required. 


Stony Plain's Town Naming Policy provides a coordinated and consistent naming process and framework. Download our naming application if you want to assign a name to one or more of the following Town features:

  • Arterial road
  • Neighbourhood
  • Building
  • Road
  • Park
  • Recreation facility
  • Trail
  • Storm water management facility
  • Water course
  • Utility facility
  • Development area
  • Private development 

If you would like to apply to have a name added to the Significant Names Registry, please download the Significant Names Registry Application

Permit extension requests 

Complete a permit extension request prior to permit expiry to keep your permit file active. There is a cost associated with the request and the Safety Codes Officer must sign-off on the approval.

Planning bylaws

Download our planning bylaw application to apply for:

  • A new area structure plan, area redevelopment plan, or other planning bylaw
  • An amendment to the Municipal Development Plan, an existing area structure plan or area redevelopment plan, or the Land Use Bylaw. 
Site signage for planning bylaw applications
Planning bylaw applications require signage on the subject property to notify adjacent landowners of the application. Applicants must use the Town’s Signage Template and follow the required signage specifications.  
Public participation for planning bylaw applications
Planning bylaw applications may require public participation to determine how the community receives a proposed application. Town staff determine public participation requirements for planning bylaw applications during the Land Development Inquiry review process. 

Plumbing permit and private sewage permit

You can apply for a plumbing permit at Town Hall. You can apply for a private sewage disposal permit at Town Hall. As of January 1, 2021, the Town of Stony Plain has updated its Quality Management Plan. Upon receiving your issued permit, please review the conditions carefully for any changes that may have occurred.

RV parking

Below is a summary of the regulations in regards to parking RV’s on your property:

  • Between April 1 and October 31, you are permitted to park your RV in the front yard of your property, as long as it does not obstruct sidewalks and roads
  • The Town’s Land Use Bylaw allows year round parking of RV’s in the rear yard
  • Some properties can accommodate year round parking in a side yard if the RV does not encroach into the required front, flankage or side yard setbacks for your property
  • Unless you have obtained development permit approval for a year round RV parking space, you will need to relocate your RV to a storage facility between November 1 and March 31
  • No RVs are permitted to encroach or overhang a sidewalk or road
  • Failure to comply with the Town’s regulations can result in costly fines

A year round RV parking space requires development permit approval. Keep in mind, applications for a year round parking space must undergo review to determine if the proposed space meets the Land Use Bylaw regulations and does not guarantee an approval. Please refer to the RV Parking brochure or contact Planning & Development for more information.

Secondary suite questionnaire 

A secondary suite questionnaire is required to apply for a secondary suite development permit. If you have any questions, please contact Planning & Development. 

Security reduction and return
Applicants must complete a security reduction and return application for reduction or return of security held by the Town of Stony Plain. 
Sheds and detached garages 
Accessory developments greater than 10.0 m2 require development and building permits.
Accessory buildings are one type of accessory development and may include, but is not limited to, sheds, garages, gazebos, and greenhouses. 
Shipping containers

The Land Use Bylaw regulates placement of shipping containers (storage containers, sea cans) on private property. Shipping containers that don't require a permit are allowed in a residential or commercial district for less than 30 days, and are subject to the following regulations:

  • Must be placed on private property
  • Must be removed within 30 days
  • Must not encroach or obstruct sidewalks and roads
  • Must meet the side yard setbacks for the Land Use District the property is located in
  • Must not impact more than one on-site parking space

If you require a shipping container on your property for more than 30 days in a commercial or industrial district, please apply for a Development Permit.

Do you require the shipping container on the street? You can apply for an intermodal container permit through Municipal Enforcement. The container can be placed on the front street in front of your property only for a period of up to 30 days. The time period permitted is at Enforcement’s discretion as it depends on the street parking availability in the residential area. Contact Municipal Enforcement to learn more.

Sign permits

The Town’s Land Use Bylaw regulates signs. Signs are regulated by Land Use District, sign type, copy area, height, number of signs, setbacks, location, etc. A development permit may be required for a sign.  Please contact our planning department prior to purchasing signs for your business or event. You can apply for a development permit at Town Hall.

Signs without permits, signs placed on municipal property and signs that don’t meet the regulations may result in them being removed and impounded by the Town.

Did you know that Alberta Transportation also requires sign permits for signs placed within 300 metres of a highway?

 Election signs

Elections signs fall under the Town’s Land Use Bylaw Part 5 Sign Regulations. 

  • The maximum size of an election sign is 1.5 m2 (16.15 ft2
  • Election signs less than 1.5 m2 do not require a development permit.
  • Election signs are permitted in all land use districts and may be placed on municipal property provided they comply with all other regulations
  • Election signs for the same candidate or party must be placed a minimum of 20 metres (65 feet) apart
  • Election signs must be removed from all property within 72 hours following an election
  • Any sign greater than 1.5 m2 utilized for the purpose of an election or campaign is not considered to be an election sign

All other sign types utilized for the purpose of an election or campaign sign are subject to the regulations for that sign type, and:

  • May only be placed within the land use districts where they are listed as permitted
  • May only be placed on private land (not on municipal land)
  • May require development permit approval

Please contact Planning and Development for more information.


Subdivision and endorsement 



Water meter permit request 

A water meter permit request must be completed and submitted to our Utilities department for approval prior to booking an appointment. For more information on water meters, please visit our Water Meters page.