If you provide goods and services in Stony Plain, you must have a valid business licence. It is your responsibility to obtain all required licences and permits. 

Home-based businesses

 There are two types of home-based businesses:

  1. Minor Home Occupation
    Does not involve employee or client visits at the residence.
  2. Major Home Occupation 
    1. Requires one additional parking space be provided on the Lot;
    2. May involve direct retail sales or services from the premise; and 
    3. Will not be allowed on a Lot with a Secondary Suite Dwelling or a Family Day Home, except in the C3 – Central Mixed Use District.
  • This use does not include any type of Automotive Service, repair or industrial type business.
  • This use does not include a Cannabis Retail Sales or a Cannabis Production and Distribution Facility.

Apply for a home based business licence

Commercial and Industrial businesses

 Apply for a commercial/industrial business licence

Mobile vendor licence

Mobile vendor means a motor vehicle, temporary structure or display, or stand from which a business is operated and for which the business licensee is not listed on the assessment roll.

Apply for a mobile vendor business licence

Hawker/Peddlar/Special services/Cannabis

Hawker or Peddlar

  1. Goes from house to house selling or offering for sale any merchandise or service, or both, to any person, and who is not a wholesale or retail detailer in that merchandise or service, and not having a permanent place of business in Stony Plain; or
  2. Offers to expose for sale to any person by any means of samples, patterns, cuts or blue prints, merchandise or service, or both, to be afterwards delivered in, or shipped into Stony Plain; or
  3. Sells merchandise or a service, or both, on the streets or elsewhere than at a building in their permanent place of business and does not include any person selling: meat, fruit, or other farm produce that has not been produced, grown and raised by themselves; or fish of their own catching.

Special Service

Means a business license category for the following business types: special events and trade shows, auction yard, salvage yard, auto wrecker, promotor, carnival or circus.

You can apply for a business licence for other business types online or at Town Hall. Contact the Planning & Infrastructure Department for more information.

Non-Resident licence 

Apply for a non-resident business licence 



You can determine the requirements for your business using BizPal – an online information source for business permitting and licencing.


Non-profit organizations are exempt from licensing fees. You must provide a proof-of-status. Federal or provincial legislation may exempt some professional organizations from licensing fees. Other municipal, provincial and federal licences or permits may be required depending on the type of business.


Business License

Retail, services or contractor business 

Resident – Retail/Services1 $100.00
Resident – Contractor1  $100.00
Non-Resident – Retail/Services1  $200.00 
Non-Resident – Contractor1  $350.00 

Home based business

Home Based Business1 $50.00 

Peddler or hawker

Daily $25.00
Annual resident business $100.00
Annual non-resident business  $325.00

Special service

Auto Wrecker or Salvage Yard            $1,500.00
Boxing or Wrestling Promoter  $1,500.00 
Carnival or Circus  $500.00
Christmas Tree Sales  $50.00 
Escort or Dating Service


Ice Cream Vendor – Mobile or Temporary $125.00 
Massage Parlor  $1,500.00 

1. Any business commencing operation on or after September 1 of each year and carrying on or operating for any part of the remainder of the year shall be assessed a business license fee equivalent to one half the normal annual business license fee for that year.


Business licences expire on December 31 each year and must be renewed annually.