If you provide goods and services in Stony Plain, you must have a valid business licence. It is your responsibility to obtain all required licences and permits. 

Home-based businesses

 Apply for a home based business licence

Commercial and Industrial businesses

 Apply for a commercial/industrial business licence

Mobile vendor licence

Apply for a mobile vendor business licence

Hawker/Peddlar/Special services/Cannabis

You can apply for a business licence for other business types online or at Town Hall. Contact the Planning & Infrastructure Department for more information.


You can determine the requirements for your business using BizPal – an online information source for business permitting and licencing.


Non-profit organizations are exempt from licensing fees. You must provide a proof-of-status. Federal or provincial legislation may exempt some professional organizations from licensing fees. Other municipal, provincial and federal licences or permits may be required depending on the type of business.


Fees will be determined when you submit your completed application form.


Business licences expire on December 31 each year and must be renewed annually.

Tri-Municipal Licence

Businesses that have a valid resident business licence within the Town of Stony Plain qualify for a Tri-Municipal licence, which allows them to conduct their business within the City of Spruce Grove and Parkland County - without having to purchase a non-resident licence to operate within those communities.