A business licence indicates to your customers that you run a responsible business that follows the rules and regulations including zoning, health, fire and building codes, and public safety requirements of the Town of Stony Plain. Requiring all businesses to meet minimum regulatory standards and enforcing those standards creates a level playing field within the business community.

Things to consider when applying for a business licence

1. Register your business with Service Alberta.
2. Determine if your proposed location is zoned appropriately for your business activity. 

We recommend speaking with us before you sign a lease to confirm whether your business activity is allowed at that location. Due diligence is the business owner's responsibility as part of making an informed and responsible investment decision. If your business activity is not allowed in a specific location, you should inquire about applying for rezoning or selecting a different location. 

Contact the Planning team if you are unsure or have questions about your business activity. 

3. Development and building permits may be required before the business licence. 

Permits are needed of you are: 

  • Changing the type of business activity at the location

  • Building a new space  

  • Undertaking significant interior or exterior renovations to an existing space

  • Installing or replacing a sign on or off the premises.  

Visit our development and building permits page to determine if permits are required. 

Questions about starting a business? Contact our Economic Development team for one-on-one advice and guidance.

How to apply for a business licence  

1. Determine your application type
  • Home-based business:

    • Major: Requires additional parking spaces and involves direct sales or services from the premise.

    • MinorDoes not involve employee or client visits.

  • Non-Resident business: You are coming from outside the Town of Stony Plain to do business within the municipal boundary.

2. Description of business activities

When completing your business licence application, describe your business activities in as much detail as possible as it helps staff understand your business when reviewing your application.

3. Non-profit organizations require a business licence. Fees will be exempt if requested by the organization and proof of charitable status is received.
4. Tri-Municipal licence

Regarding the popular Tri-Municipal licence, if you are a Town of Stony Plain active business licence holder, you can go into the City of Spruce Grove and Parkland County to do business at no additional fee. Alternately, if you have an active business licence with the City of Spruce Grove or an approved development permit to run your business in Parkland County, you can provide your business services in the Town of Stony Plain at no additional cost. This will be in place until our business licence policy revisions are complete.

Submit an application:
  1. By email

  2. By mail or in-person to:

Planning and Development 

4905-51 Avenue 
Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1Y1

Application review process 

Staff will review your application within ten business days. You will be contacted if any additional information or action is required to process your application or when your application is approved.  

Fees and payment  

Once your application is reviewed, staff will contact you to pay for your licence and any additional fees that may apply. Fees are determined in Stony Plain's Fees and Charges Bylaw. 

Retail, Services, or Contractor Business  


Resident – Retail/Services* 


Resident – Contractor1* 


Non-Resident – Retail/Services* 


Non-Resident – Contractor*  


Home-based Business 


Home Based Business* 


Peddler or Hawker 




Annual resident business 


Annual non-resident business  


Special Service 


Auto Wrecker or Salvage Yard            


Boxing or Wrestling Promoter  


Carnival or Circus  


Christmas Tree Sales  


Escort or Dating Service 


Ice Cream Vendor – Mobile or Temporary 


Massage Parlor  


*Any business commencing operation on or after September 1 of each year and carrying on operating for any part of the remainder of the year shall be assessed a business licence fee equivalent to one half the normal annual business licence fee for that year. 

Displaying your business licence  

Once all the application requirements have been met to the Town's satisfaction, your business licence will be issued and a certificate will be sent to you by mail. You must post the certificate in a prominent location visible from the main entrance or at the point of sale. 

Requirements may include obtaining a development permit, building permit, or other permits (such as for electrical, gas, or plumbing).

Renewing your business licence   

Business licences expire on December 31 and must be renewed annually. Renewals will be mailed each spring as a reminder. Please visit the Town Office or email us to renew your licence.  

Lost or replacing a business licence  

If you have lost or damaged your licence certificate, get in touch to request a placement.

Updating or cancelling your business licence  

As your business grows and changes, you might move to a new location, add new owners, change your business activities, or expand your existing space. You must inform the Town of Stony Plain of any changes to your business information because your licence is only valid when it has accurate information.

To cancel your business licence, please visit the Town Office or email our team.

Staying connected  

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