Engineering standards guide the design, installation, and maintenance of municipal infrastructure. You must meet all relevant development standards and obtain approval from the Development Engineer prior to moving forward with your development.

Municipal Development Standards

Municipal Development Standards identify the minimum acceptable standards for new municipal infrastructure required for land development. Please view the updated Municipal Development Standards to ensure you meet the minimum acceptable standards for land development in the Town of Stony Plain.

You must submit detailed engineering drawings for us to review and accept prior to the construction of new development or subdivision of land.

Lot grading

Lot grading is the process of sloping land to direct surface water away from buildings. Lot grading plans are an essential part of the development approval process. They ensure that surface water runoff is managed appropriately on site. A detailed lot grading plan is required for most development applications.

Please refer to the Sample Lot Grading Plan for specific application requirements.

Lot grading plans are reviewed and accepted by the Manager of Engineering.

Following lot grading plan approval, inspections take place and lot grading certificates are issued provided that grading has been completed according to plan.


In preparation for your inspection, please refer to the Lot Grading Guidelines: