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Welcome to Stony Plain, where the roots of our history and the promise of our future lie in agriculture. Nestled amidst 1.7 million acres of Alberta's most fertile soil, Stony Plain offers a prime location for agribusinesses aiming to thrive.

The Stony Plain Edge

As the gateway for the Edmonton Metropolitan Region (EMR) and western Alberta, Stony Plain unlocks global success, offering seamless access to markets within the EMR, Alberta, Canada's West Coast, and Asia via the Pacific.
seed potatos on a convery belt
Person holds up organic materials to be composted
vertical farming towers with plants in bright green houses

Agribusiness Profile

Stony Plain offers a connected, innovative, and growing community for agribusinesses to thrive.

  • 125+ agribusiness-related businesses call Stony Plain home.
  • Stony Plain is the urban corridor to 4,500+ regional farm operations.
  • More than 10,000+ skilled agricultural-centred workers live in our region.
  • 3,400+ regional post-secondary students graduate from relevant programs annually.
  • Alberta's agricultural industry generates ~8.1 billion in GDP annually.

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Stony Plain Successes 

Photo Gallery: Agribusiness Successes will appear here on the public site.
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