Stony Plain’s Economic Development team provides information and services to help businesses flourish. We’ve organized our services into three categories, locate, expand, and start.

When your business makes a location decision, our team offers various services to help ensure the process is quick, informed and without issue.
  • Connection
    We’ll connect you with the professional services your business requires to ensure a smooth process.
  • Data
    We provide high-level statistics and data to help inform your business decision.
  • Funding and programs
    We’ll guide and facilitate relevant government funding and programs to support your business.
  • Site selection
    We provide property options that meet your requirements, organize site tours, and make connections to realtors.
  • Town processes
    We ensure businesses get up and running by working with the Town’s Planning and Development team to facilitate a quick and easy process.

Once located in Stony Plain, we offer various services to ensure your business continues to succeed.

  • B2B connection
    We can connect your business to companies that support your supply chain needs by providing introductions and network opportunities.
  • Continuous improvement
    Through our Business Insight Program, our team works to ensure a solid line of communication exists and that each party is continuously working to improve.
  • Government funding
    Access guidance related to relevant government funding and programs that help support your business.
  • Issue resolution
    Do you have an issue that needs solving? We can help you. Whether it's trouble with a municipal process or expansion, our office exists to help you thrive.
  • Promotional support
    Do you have something exciting going on? We can help spread the word to our network.
Stony Plain is home to a collaborative network of entrepreneur support that will help you open your new business. Start your entrepreneurial journey by contacting our team.