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Port Alberta is the regional inland port where air, rail, pipelines, and roadways converge with favourable regulations and incentives to create a regional manufacturing, cargo, and logistics hub. Created by Edmonton Global, Port Alberta unites infrastructure and logistic efficiencies to support inbound and outbound cargo with the specific advantages of a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) designation.

Port Alberta Overview

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region's unique convergence of intermodal transport services offers access to new global markets, helping your business grow.

Transportation ModeAccess
 Air The Edmonton International Airport (EIA) has partnerships with Air Canada, Korean Air, Icelandair, Air France-KLM, and others. EIA is also Canada's closest major Airport to Asia by circumpolar routes.
Road The Edmonton Metropolitan Region is located along the CANAMEX trade corridor. This series of highways link Canada to the United States and Mexico, representing $3.95 billion in trade. 
Sea The Edmonton Metropolitan Region has direct access to the Port of Prince Rupert and The Port of Vancouver. 
Pipeline The Edmonton Metropolitan Region serves as a hub for the provincial pipeline system, helping move products safely and efficiently across North America.
Rail There are 16 rail intermodal and storage facilities in the region, operating 7,000 miles of track in Alberta, connecting the region to 8 Canadian provinces, 16 U.S. states, and Mexico. 

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