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Welcome to Stony Plain, a retail destination that benefits from our strategic location, world-class events, and a quality ecosystem of entrepreneurs building unforgettable customer experiences.

The Stony Plain Edge

As the gateway for the Edmonton Metropolitan Region (EMR) and western Alberta, Stony Plain unlocks global success, offering seamless access to markets within the EMR, Alberta, Canada's West Coast, and Asia via the Pacific. 

Pottery sign in Downtown Stony Plain

Chef cooks a delicous meal in Stony Plain

A mural amid vibrant flowers in Downtown

Shopping, Dining, and Arts Profile

Stony Plain is a vibrant, game-changing, hub for shopping, dining, and arts related businesses to thrive.

  • 300+ shopping, dining, and arts-related businesses call Stony Plain home. 
  • Stony Plain is the urban corridor for a westward population exceeding 180,000 people.
  • 81,000+ people make up Stony Plain's immediate service area. 
  • Our residents spending on retail products and services is above the national average. 
  • Alberta's retail sector generates ~$8.9 billion in GDP annually. 

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