Stony Plain is known for having one of the lowest non-residential tax rates in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. 2024 tax information will be available shortly. Subscribe to this page to be notified when it's updated. 

 Federal taxes 
Federal Corporate Income Tax 
The Federal corporate rate is 38%. A Federal abatement of 10% and a general tax reduction of 13% could reduce the gross rate to just 15%. With small business deduction (SBD), the net tax rate can be as low as 10%.

Employment Insurance (EI)
The yearly max insurable income per employee is $51,700. The Employee Contribution Rate is 1.66%. The Employer Contribution Rate is 2.324%.

Federal Personal Income Tax
The Federal tax bracket is as follows:

  • 15% on the first $46,605, plus
  • 20.5% on the next $46,603 (on the portion over $46,605 up to $93,208), plus
  • 26% on the next $51,281 (on the portion over $93,208 up to $144,489), plus
  • 29% on the next $61,353 (on the portion over $144,489 up to $205,842), plus
  • 33% of taxable income over $205,842.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) 
The General Sales Tax for Canada is 5%.

 Provincial taxes
Alberta Corporate Income Tax 
The General Corporate Tax rate in Alberta is 10%. For those claiming the Province's Small Business Deduction (SBD), the corporate tax rate is just 2%.

Alberta Personal Income Tax

The Alberta tax bracket is as follows:

  • 10% up to $128,145
  • 12% from $128,145.01 to $153,773
  • 13% from $153,773.01 to $205,031
  • 14% from $205,031.01 to $307,547
  • 15% from $307,547.01 and above