Stony Plain is building an inclusive and diverse community with the goal of providing safe, appropriate, and affordable housing so all residents can build a life they love. 

To do this, we must understand the current housing stock and demographics of existing residents, as well as population and employment forecasts for projected community growth. Together, this information provides direction for what the community's housing needs are and will be in the future so we can develop, build, and redevelop to ensure housing options are available for everyone. 


Housing Strategy

In 2022 the Town of Stony Plain prepared a Housing Strategy to identify actions that will create and maintain affordable, safe, and suitable housing options in Stony Plain. A Housing Strategy is intended to be a guiding document that describes a community’s approach to meet its housing goals and is used to inform decisions on land use and development. Stony Plain’s Housing Strategy identifies housing needs and establishes goals to support the development of affordable and diverse housing types to meet the needs of people of all ages and abilities living in Stony Plain. 

It describes the Town's approach to meet its housing goals and is used to inform decisions on land use and development. Stony Plain’s population has grown to almost 18,000 residents and is forecast to continue growing in the next twenty years, the Town is focused on ensuring safe, appropriate, and affordable housing to address the needs of both the current and future population of Stony Plain.



Housing Continuum

The Housing Continuum is a model that describes a range of housing options that would ideally be available within a community to meet the varying needs of residents. Ranging from emergency accommodation to supportive housing and market rental and home ownership, the continuum represents housing options that if available, are affordable, adequate, and suitable for for the incomes, household sizes, and individual needs of the residents within the community. 

This representation of the continuum is linear in nature, however, that does not mean that the end goal for all residents is home ownership. For example, changes in personal circumstances and housing need can result in a household moving back and forth along the continuum.

Housing Continuum

*The continuum is intended to be used as a common reference for discussing different types of housing and is not reflective of the current housing stock in Stony Plain. 

Regional Housing Guide 

The Regional Housing Guide provides current and future residents with an overview of housing options within the Tri-Region. This is a partnership between the Town of Stony Plain, the City of Spruce Grove, and Parkland County.

Short-Term Non-Market Housing Study

The Short-Term Non-Market Housing Study was completed in 2022 in partnership with the City of Spruce Grove to better understand what housing and services are available to Tri-Region residents who need temporary housing and support until they can move into a permanent home.