Road Maintenance
Crack Sealing

Is in progress September 15th, 16th and 17th in the following areas.
- Brightbank Ave 
- Fairways
- Greybriar  
- South Creek 
Watch for crews in the area and follow the directions from the flag person.  Ensure everyone goes home tonight!

Report roads or sidewalks in need of repair

Snow and Ice

Public Works sends out plowing equipment when 5 cm of packed snow builds up on main roadways. Sanding trucks maintain slippery road sections.

Watch for snow removal signs in your neighbourhood. Do not park on the street and remove your curb ramps.

Snow and ice on sidewalks

Snow or ice build up on sidewalks is your responsibility. You must clear ice and snow from all sidewalks bordering your property (including the sidewalk area on your driveway). Snow must be removed directly after a snowfall ends.

If you own a rental property or if you are travelling/working out of Town, you are still responsible for clearing your sidewalks after each snowfall.

  • Clear snow to the bare surface of the sidewalk to prevent extra work after more snow falls.
  • Do not place snow removed from your sidewalk on to the roadway. The snow must be shovelled on to your property. Shovelling snow on to a road can result in drainage issues in the spring and may result in a fine.
  • During extreme temperatures, you may use sand to spread on an icy sidewalk bordering your property. Free sand is located in the box outside the fence at Public Works. Please bring your own container.

Snow Removal Orders

If you do not clear your sidewalks, a Peace Officer may issue an order requiring you to remove the snow and ice (including the sidewalk area on your driveway) within seven days.

Once an order has been issued, you will not receive extra warnings. You must keep your sidewalks clear of snow and ice or a contractor may be hired to remove snow and ice as necessary. Costs will be added to your property taxes. Additional fines may also be issued.  


Failure to remove snow and ice from your sidewalk can result in a:

  • $250 fine for a first offence
  • $500 fine for a second offence
  • $750 fine for a third offence, or subsequent offences

Unpaid fines are collected by Alberta Registry Service at the time of Registration or Driver's License Renewal.

Snow around fire hydrants

When an emergency occurs, fire crews rely on having access to neighbourhood fire hydrants to respond as quickly as possible. Every second counts – snow build up around the hydrant can result in delays to an emergency response.

Be a good neighbour and do your part in keeping your community safe by:

  • Removing any snow or ice from hydrants
  • Clearing a one-metre perimeter around hydrants
  • Clearing a path to hydrants from the sidewalk or street
  • Avoiding piling snow on or around hydrants and ensuring they are visible at all times

For fire safety questions and concerns, contact the Stony Plain Fire Department.

Snow removal map
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 Road Priority List - to be updated at the beginning of the 2023/2024 season

Weed Control

We remove and control restricted and noxious weeds in our community. Restricted weeds are removed as they are a threat to the environment and noxious weeds are controlled to prevent rapid spreading.

Signs will be posted when weed spraying occurs.