Residential Street Sweeping

The Roads Crew began Residential Street Sweeping on Thursday, May 11, 2023. Signs are posted the day before sweeping starts. Please remove all vehicles, trailers and driveway ramps from the road. Dates and estimated schedules are weather dependent and will not occur the same day as garbage collection.

 Residential street sweeping schedule

1. South Creek

Complete, May 11

2. Fairways

Complete, May 11

3. Ironwood

Complete, May 15

4. Graybriar

Complete, May 15 

5. Woodlands

Complete, May 12 

6. Southridge

Complete, May 15

7. Stony Creek

Complete, May 17

8. Creekside Point

Complete, May 17 

9. Forest Green

Complete, May 17 

10. Egerland Place

Complete, May 18

11. Westerra Lakes

Complete, May 19

12. Country Plain Estates

Complete, May 25

13. High Park

Complete, May 19

14. Jutland Ridge

Complete, May 23

15. Sun Meadows

Complete, May 23 

16. Silverstone

Complete, May 23 

17. Brookview

Complete, May 23 

18. Homesteads

Complete, May 23 

19. Stone Haven

Complete, May 24

20. Willow Park

Complete, May 25

21. Glens & Heritage Estates

Complete, May 24

22. Genesis

Complete, May 26

23. St. Andrews

Complete, May 29

24. Meridian Heights

Complete, May 30

25. Old Town

Complete, May 31

26. Folkstone

Complete, May 31

27. Brickyard

Complete, May 31

Road Bans: April 3 - June 1, 2023

The Town has set a 75 per cent axle load road ban within Stony Plain. The ban is in place to prevent damage to streets, caused by overloaded trucks, and to prevent related high-costs of repairs.

Road ban exceptions:

 All residential and collector roads are restricted within the Town boundaries, with the following exceptions:

 North Business Park

Golf Course Road (from Highway 16A to south Town boundary)

Veterans Boulevard (south of Highway 16A to Highway 628)

Rosenthal Road (from Highway 16A to SH 628 (79 Avenue))

49 Avenue (between 50 street and Golf Course Road)

The following commercial vehicles may carry on the axles on that highway up to 90 per cent of the maximum allowable weight permitted for that single axle or axle group during the period of a Road Ban:

 A vehicle transporting

  • Bread,
  • Repealed AR 30-2004 s2,
  • Mail as defined in the Canada Post Corporation Act (Canada),
  • Heating fuel, or
  • fertilizer

Road Maintenance

Regular road maintenance occurs in the spring and fall. Sidewalk maintenance occurs in summer months.

Report roads or sidewalks in need of repair

Snow and Ice

Public Works sends out plowing equipment when 5 cm of packed snow builds up on main roadways. Sanding trucks maintain slippery road sections.

Watch for snow removal signs in your neighbourhood. Do not park on the street and remove your curb ramps.

Snow and ice on sidewalks

Snow or ice build up on sidewalks is your responsibility. You must clear ice and snow from all sidewalks bordering your property (including the sidewalk area on your driveway). Snow must be removed directly after a snowfall ends.

If you own a rental property or if you are travelling/working out of Town, you are still responsible for clearing your sidewalks after each snowfall.

  • Clear snow to the bare surface of the sidewalk to prevent extra work after more snow falls.
  • Do not place snow removed from your sidewalk on to the roadway. The snow must be shovelled on to your property. Shovelling snow on to a road can result in drainage issues in the spring and may result in a fine.
  • During extreme temperatures, you may use sand to spread on an icy sidewalk bordering your property. Free sand is located in the box outside the fence at Public Works. Please bring your own container.

Snow Removal Orders

If you do not clear your sidewalks, a Peace Officer may issue an order requiring you to remove the snow and ice (including the sidewalk area on your driveway) within seven days.

Once an order has been issued, you will not receive extra warnings. You must keep your sidewalks clear of snow and ice or a contractor may be hired to remove snow and ice as necessary. Costs will be added to your property taxes. Additional fines may also be issued.  


Failure to remove snow and ice from your sidewalk can result in a:

  • $250 fine for a first offence
  • $500 fine for a second offence
  • $750 fine for a third offence, or subsequent offences

Unpaid fines are collected by Alberta Registry Service at the time of Registration or Driver's License Renewal.

Snow around fire hydrants

When an emergency occurs, fire crews rely on having access to neighbourhood fire hydrants to respond as quickly as possible. Every second counts – snow build up around the hydrant can result in delays to an emergency response.

Be a good neighbour and do your part in keeping your community safe by:

  • Removing any snow or ice from hydrants
  • Clearing a one-metre perimeter around hydrants
  • Clearing a path to hydrants from the sidewalk or street
  • Avoiding piling snow on or around hydrants and ensuring they are visible at all times

For fire safety questions and concerns, contact the Stony Plain Fire Department.

Line Painting 

The Line Painting was completed May 5, 2023. 

Snow Removal 

Snow removal map Subscribe to Snow Removal Email Alerts Snow routes

 Road Priority List
When there is significant snowfall (5 cm or more), priority roads are cleared first:
  1. Golf Course Road

    - Train tracks to 44 Avenue and to South Park Drive
    - South Park Drive to Highway 16 and WestView Health Centre entrance
    - Memorial Composite High School and Fairways Drive
  2. 49 Avenue

    - Highway 779 to Golf Course Road
    - Highway 779 to 50 Street
  3. 43 Avenue

    - 33 Street and 28 Street
  4. 44 Avenue

    - South Park Drive to Veterans Boulevard
  5. Veterans Boulevard

    - Highway 628
  6. Brown Street

  7. North Business Park and Meridian Meadows Service Road

The wing grader is used during heavy snowfall in the following areas:

  1. Range Road 12
  2. Range Road 11
  3. Golf Course Road
  4. Boundary Road
  5. 47 Avenue (gravel section)

Neighbourhood Plowing and Removal Schedule

If more than 10 cm of snow is packed on neighbourhood roads, Public Works will plow and remove the snow from streets. Notifications will be posted on our home page and as snow removal update. Please remove basketball hoops, driveway ramps and unattended vehicles if parked on the street.  

Back lane pickup will be performed upon completion of the residential rotation or as soon as equipment becomes available. Downtown lanes will be cleared first and other lanes will be cleared the day prior to waste collection. 

Residential snow removal will not occur on garbage days, will resume on the next business day.

Crew 1 

South Creek, Fairways, Ironwood, Graybriar


Westerra Lakes, Country Plain Estates, High Park


Willow Park, Glens & Heritage Estates, Genesis


Crew 2

Woodlands, Southridge, Stony Creek, Creekside Point, Forest Green, Egerland Place


Jutland Ridge, Sun Meadows, Silverstone, Brookview, Homesteads, Stone Haven


St. Andrews, Meridian Heights, Old Town, Folkstone, Brickyard



Weed Control

We remove and control restricted and noxious weeds in our community. Restricted weeds are removed as they are a threat to the environment and noxious weeds are controlled to prevent rapid spreading.

Signs will be posted when weed spraying occurs.