Regular road maintenance occurs in the spring and fall. Sidewalk maintenance occurs in summer months.

You can report roads or sidewalks in need of repair.

Line painting and crack sealing

Please remove vehicles, curb ramps, trailers and other objects from the streets during these periods.

Snow and ice

Public Works sends out plowing equipment when 10 cm of packed snow builds up on main roadways. Sanding trucks maintain slippery road sections.

Watch for snow removal signs in your neighbourhood. Do not park on the street and remove your curb ramps.

Snow and ice on sidewalks

You must remove the snow on the sidewalk that borders your property line within 48 hours after a snowfall ends.

You may use sand to spread on icy sidewalks bordering your property. Free sand is located in the box outside the fence at Public Works.

Snow around fire hydrants

If you have a fire hydrant on your property, you are responsible for keeping 1 meter of clearance surrounding it.

Snow on neighbourhood roads

Public Works plows residential snow on a rotational basis. Please remove basketball hoops, driveway ramps and unattended vehicles if parked on the street.

Street Sweeping

We sweep residential neighbourhoods on a rotational basis. We will post signs 24 hours before sweeping starts.

Weed control

We remove and control restricted and noxious weeds in our community. Restricted weeds are removed as they are a threat to the environment and noxious weeds are controlled to prevent rapid spreading.

We will post signs when weed spraying occurs.