A property assessment is the estimated market value of a property, which is used to distribute the tax burden among property owners within the municipality.


What is a property assessment and when do I get one?

Since 1995, Provincial legislation states that municipalities must use market value assessments to determine each property's fair share of revenue requirements from property taxes for municipal and provincial education services. It is considered to be the most fair, equitable, and transparent manner to distribute property tax revenue requirements.

The Town of Stony Plain mails out the annual Property Assessment Notices in February.

Who assesses my property?

 Property assessments are prepared annually by municipal assessors, KCL Consulting Inc., who have been appointed by the Town through the Capital Region Assessment Services Commission (CRASC) and are governed by provincial legislation and regulation.

How are properties assessed?

Assessments are based on market values as of July 1 of the previous year and on the physical condition and characteristics of a property as of December 31 of the previous year. Market value is the price a property might reasonably be expected to sell for if sold by a willing seller to a willing buyer after appropriate time and exposure in an open market. It attempts to provide a “fair actual” or average value based on several factors including property characteristics and comparisons of similar properties which have sold in the Town.

These assessed values are audited by the provincial government annually to ensure property valuation practices have been followed.

How does the assessment affect my property taxes?

The assessment value of your property is used to determine your share of the total property taxes needed to provide services and infrastructure in the Town of Stony Plain. 

After Council has set the annual mill rate, your assessment is then multiplied by this rate to calculate your share of property taxes. This amount is shown as the Tax Levy on your annual Taxation Notice that is mailed out in May of each year.

Will my taxes increase if my property assessment increases?

An increase in your property assessment does not mean your taxes will automatically go up by the same amount. Conversely, a decrease in your property assessment does not mean your taxes will automatically go down. Assessment is simply a distribution mechanism. Your assessment indicates the estimated value of your property. The property tax rate, which is based on budget requirements, is what determines how much your taxes will be. The tax rate is set by Council each year and reflective of funds required to run the Town as determined during the Corporate Plan process which take place each November. Council approved a 7.47% increase to the 2023 taxation to fund budget requirements. 

Information can be found within the 2023-2025 Corporate Plan. Final adjustments to the Operating budget and the Town's assessment base will affect the tax rate set in May.

Why are assessment notices mailed separately from tax bills?

Assessment notices are mailed separately from tax bills to provide property owners with an opportunity to ensure their assessment is reasonable and address any concerns before tax bills are mailed. Owners are encouraged to review their assessment and make any inquiries prior to the Assessment Complaint deadline shown in the top right corner of your Property Assessment Notice.

Disagree with your assessment?

We encourage you to Contact Our Assessor with questions or concerns regarding your assessment value by completing the Online Inquiry Form through our assessors website, KCL Consulting Inc.. The assessor will be able to provide specific information related to your property.

Still have concerns?

If after contacting the assessor you still feel that your current assessment does not reflect what your property would have sold for on the open market on July 1st of the previous year, you may file a formal complaint with the Clerk of the Assessment Review Board (ARB).

Please refer to the back of your Property Assessment Notice for appeal information or contact our Property Tax Clerk for assistance. The Assessment Complaint deadline can be found in the top right corner of your notice. Appeals must be filed within 60 days of the Property Assessment Notice date. 

For further information, please see Alberta Municipal Affairs

Didn't receive your Property Assessment Notice?

Please contact our Property Tax Clerk to have a copy of your notice resent to you.

If you have recently purchased a property and have not received a copy of your notice, it is possible that we have not received change of owner notification. Please see the 'Recently purchased a property?section below for further information. 

Need to change your name or mailing address?

The property owner name and mailing address information we use for property tax accounts is downloaded directly from your Certificate of Title with Alberta Land Titles. 

If your name or mailing address has changed, please complete the Change of Name or Change of Mailing Address through Alberta Land Titles or at any Alberta Registries Office. Once Alberta Land Titles has completed the changes they will automatically notify the Town so we can update the information on your tax account. 

Recently purchased a property?

The property owner information we use for property tax accounts is downloaded directly from Alberta Land Titles semi-monthly. As processing registrations at Alberta Land Titles can take up to 4-8 weeks, this may result in new property owners not receiving notices and missing important legislated deadlines. 

If you have purchased a property, please contact our Property Tax Clerk with any one of the following documents as proof of purchase so we can provide you with information regarding your property prior to the Title changing. The documents must include your name as the purchaser, the property address, and the possession date. 

  • Signed and completed Purchase Agreement 

  • Statement of Adjustments 

  • Mortgage documents  

Sold your property but still received a notice?

The property owner information we use for property tax accounts is downloaded directly from Alberta Land Titles semi-monthly. As processing registrations at Alberta Land Titles can take up to 4-8 week, this may result in you receiving property tax documentation for a property you had sold prior to the mailing date.  

Please contact our Property Tax Clerk to provide the date that your property was sold so we can place a note on the tax account.

Built a new home?

If your home was under construction on December 31 of the previous year, you will receive a Supplementary Assessment & Tax on a pro-rated basis. The Supplementary Bylaw was originally adopted in 2001 to achieve equity in taxation in the Town of Stony Plain. 

A supplementary assessment is completed on all properties that have had any improvements (i.e. new builds, additions, etc.) completed during the current tax year. The annual Property Assessment Notice issued in February of each year reflects the condition of the property as of December 31st of the previous year. The supplementary assessment reflects the increase in assessment value in addition to the annual property assessment.

Supplementary Assessment & Taxation Notices are mailed in September of each year and will reflect the improvement assessment value of the property. The supplementary taxes are due by October 31st of each year and are prorated from the date of completion to the end of the current tax year.

Property Information Search

Use our Public Tax Roll Information search engine for current property assessment values, roll numbers, municipal addressing and legal addressing.

For additional property information such as lot size, view current your Assessment Summary through our assessor's website at KCL Consulting Inc..