Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of sanitary sewer lines, storm sewer lines, lift stations, and all sanitary storm sewer repairs.

Storm water ponds

Storm water ponds aren’t just nice scenery, they are an integral part of the community’s drainage system! Each pond in Stony Plain works to reduce the risk of flooding and minimize erosion by controlling the rate at which collected water is released. Contaminated water entering the pond is naturally processed without the need for additional equipment. Water quality increases while simultaneously creating new habitats for local wildlife. 

As water is constantly flowing beneath the surface, storm water ponds are not safe sites for recreational activity. In the summer months, this applies to any water-based activity such as swimming or boating. These ponds are also not safe for your four-legged friends! Bacteria found within the pond water can be hazardous to both you and your pets. Keep the whole family safe by avoiding contact.

Keep off the ice!

Ice-skating and walking on frozen storm water ponds is strictly prohibited as a measure to keep everyone safe. If you are unable to identify a pond, the best thing to do is keep off the ice! Though our storm water ponds are monitored and maintained, contaminated material can impact ice thickness and make it highly unpredictable. Stay safe this winter season and think twice before lacing up your skates.

Alternative recreation sites

Storm water ponds are not suitable for recreational activity at any time of year. There are plenty of options for safe swimming and skating here in town! Find a complete list of our recreational facilities