You can set up services within the Town for gas, power, and utilities (water and garbage).

Gas and Power

You can set up power and electricity services to your home by contacting a private supplier. Please visit Utilities Consumer Advocate for a list of local providers.


The Town provides water, sewer, storm water & household waste (garbage, organics, and recycling) services.

 Apply for Utilities
 You can apply for utilities (water and garbage):
 Pay for a Utility Bill
You can pay for your utility bill:
  • In person at Town Office;

  • Online: You can pay through online banking. Choose Stony Plain Utilities as the payee. Type your utility account number as the account number;

  • With automatic payments: Fill out the automatic payment form. You will need a void cheque or banking information. You can drop off your completed form or email it to us.

 View your bill online
 You must register to view your bill. To get your User ID, please contact Town of Stony Plain main line.

Water information

Questions about Stony Plain's water?