Stat from 2017 End Poverty Edmonton Overview ReportPoverty is complex.

Poverty is ambiguous.

Poverty is challenging.

Poverty is expensive.

Poverty affects individuals and communities.

Poverty means fewer choices, more stress, poorer health, children suffering and growing inequality.

Poverty is a human rights issue.

Addressing the issue of poverty requires special considerations and community-wide solutions involving multiple community players and multiple levels of government.

Our community embarked on our official journey to reduce poverty in the summer of 2014. As a community, we have learned a lot in since that time. And yet our work has only just begun.

Poverty Phase Graphic

 Our Vision

Realizing an end to poverty and homelessness whereby Stony Plain and area residents are enriched through a strong, healthy, connected community.

 Our Process
Phase 1 included a 6-month study on poverty and homelessness in Stony Plain and area that was funded by a Service Canada grant. Read the Phase 1 Needs Assessment Final Report. Read the summary report.

Phase 2 included building a community response strategy using the Phase 1 needs assessment, community consultations, and literature reviews. Funding for this phase was provided by the Town of Stony Plain Council. Read the Phase 2 Final Report.Stat from 2016, Stats Canada Census Profiles

In PHASE 3, we are working to put words into action as our community continues to act upon, evaluate, and expand our community’s road map to reduce poverty. Read the Phase 3 Overview.

 Community Reports

2017 Overview

2018 First Quarter

2018 Second Quarter

2018 Third Quarter

2018 Fourth Quarter