Stat from 2017 End Poverty Edmonton Overview Report

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 Poverty is complex.

Poverty is ambiguous.

Poverty is challenging.

Poverty is expensive.

Poverty affects individuals and communities.

Poverty means fewer choices, more stress, poorer health, children suffering and growing inequality.

Poverty is a human rights issue.

Addressing the issue of poverty requires special considerations and community-wide solutions involving multiple community players and multiple levels of government.

Our community embarked on our official journey to reduce poverty in the summer of 2014. As a community, we have learned a lot in since that time. And yet our work has only just begun.

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 Tri-Region Housing and Needs Estimate

The issue of homelessness within rural and remote areas is far less understood or acknowledged because of its hidden nature. Individuals experiencing homelessness in rural and remote communities are more likely to couch surf, pay housing costs that are more than 30% of their income, live in overcrowded housing, or own/rent housing that may need major repairs- often leveraging the relationships around them for support.

The Rural Development Network (RDN) created a “Step-by-Step Guide to Estimating Rural Homelessness” that allows this valuable community data to be revealed in more rural areas.

Led by the Rural Development Network (RDN), and using the methodology outlined in the “Step-by-Step Guide to Estimating Rural Homelessness”, the Tri-Regional Housing and Service Needs Estimate is a partnership between Stony Plain FCSS and the City of Spruce Grove which aims to complete this survey in our community every 2 years. The Estimate provides an opportunity to better understand the needs of existing residents, as well as complement and improve official data for the Tri-Region.

This project is made possible through the support of many local community organizations who helped to implement the local count.


Tri-Region Housing and Needs Estimate 2020 Survey Results

Tri-Region Housing and Needs Estimate 2020 Survey Results SUMMARY


Tri-Region Housing and Needs Estimate 2018 Survey Results

Tri-Region Housing and Needs Estimate 2018 Survey Results SUMMARY


 Our Vision

Realizing an end to poverty and homelessness whereby Stony Plain and area residents are enriched through a strong, healthy, connected community.

 Our Plan

Phase 1 included a 6-month study on poverty and homelessness in Stony Plain and area that was funded by a Service Canada grant. Read the Phase 1 Needs Assessment Final Report. Read the summary report.

Phase 2 included building a community response strategy using the Phase 1 needs assessment, community consultations, and literature reviews. Funding for this phase was provided by the Town of Stony Plain Council. Read the Phase 2 Final Report.

Stat from 2016, Stats Canada Census Profiles

In Phase 3, we are working to put words into action as our community continues to act upon, evaluate, and expand our community’s road map to reduce poverty. Read the Phase 3 Overview.

In order to advance our goal to reduce poverty in Stony Plain, it is important to continuously monitor, update and refocus our community’s plan.

Stony Plain FCSS, entrusted with holding our community plan, presents a DRAFT 2021 Stony Plain Poverty Strategy - an update on our 2017 poverty plan. The new plan takes into consideration actions completed within our community, lessons learned in poverty reduction and alignment with regional, provincial, and federal plans.

Next steps will include community consultations, feedback and engagement which will be incorporated into this draft plan. The final community-approved document will be presented to the Town of Stony Plain council later in the year.

2021 Stony Plain Poverty Strategy

Stony Plain Statistics

Stony Plain Profile Dashboard


Stony Plain FCSS is an active member of the regional collaboration - Hope&Home, a Tri-Regional Homeless and Poverty Initiative.

The Champions table for Hope&Home a group of key stakeholders who care about reducing poverty and homelessness in the Tri-Region (Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Parkland County) that support:

  • strategic planning
  • resource allocation
  • future funding
  • data collection
  • evaluation

Some of the actions and next steps include:

Fall 2019

  • Development of a regional Champions Table
  • First convened in September 2019
  • Initial meetings focused on establishing foundational components of collaboration

March 2020 March 2021

  • First term of the Champions Table
  • Champions Table established key stakes, common definitions, and Tri-Region challenges, a common agenda for regionally addressing poverty and homelessness
  • Presented at Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and Parkland County Council meetings
  • Creation and unveiling of Hope&Home




March 2021 – March 2022

  • Identify shared measures, outcomes, and data collection methods 
  • Initiate First Voice Advisory Group
  • Establishing priority working groups with a diverse range of stakeholders as prioritized by the Champions Table

Community Reports

2017 Overview

2018 First Quarter

2018 Second Quarter

2018 Third Quarter

2018 Fourth Quarter

2019 First Quarter

2019 Second Quarter

2019 Third Quarter

2019 Fourth Quarter

2019 Stony Plain Plan to Reduce Poverty Impact Report