If you are curious of what drives positive change at the Town of Stony Plain, have a look below. Our mission, vision, core values, and leadership principles help guide us in the right direction.


Through a strong belief in community involvement and leadership we will:

  • Nurture and preserve pride in our heritage
  • Provide excellent service and value through good governance

We will maintain a strong sense of community while embracing opportunities for growth that enhance our quality of life. 


"A strong, vibrant community where we respect our heritage, embrace the present, and are excited about our future." 

Core Values 

As people who care, we treat each other with respect and act with integrity by fostering:

  • Collaborative leadership 
  • Safety 
  • Innovation and creativity 
  • Quality and excellence 
  • Partnerships and alliances 
  • Recognition of achievements 

Through these values, we are better able to learn, celebrate, and dare to dream. 

Leadership Principles

We are one organization

As an organization, we have a shared vision. We work together, we are integrated and communicate across departments and with the community. We share information and resources to achieve our shared vision. We realize and understand that our varied perspectives are a strength.

 We serve the public with pride

Public service is a noble and needed profession. We earn the respect of the community through professionalism and being responsive and accountable. We earn the admiration of the community by always striving for excellence.

We are stewards of this community

We are in a position of public trust and must embrace this responsibility with humility and respect. We have an impact on the community’s future. We create an environment for good decision making and believe in ensuring a sustainable future. We undertake this responsibility with the seriousness it deserves and endeavor to help shape and achieve the community’s aspirations. We are a link to the past and a bridge to the future. We understand that our utmost obligation is to this community and its long term benefit.

We are excited about our future

We believe in a better future. We understand and appreciate the complexity of our shared future and take purposeful and strategic steps to ensure we are prepared to meet the challenges that will shape our collective destiny. We will, by virtue of our attitude and preparation, shape what lies ahead.

We are always seeking to learn and grow 

We accept that circumstances are constantly evolving and we need to evolve as well. We challenge ourselves to learn, adapt, strategize and remain fluid through this evolution. We are not afraid to challenge current practice. We believe that investment in individual growth and education will lead to organizational excellence and expertise. 

We are accountable 

We believe in personal and organizational accountability. We believe this applies to individual and organizational goals and leadership values. We are accountable to each other and the community. 

We make a difference and we are committed 

We believe that each of us makes a difference, every day. We believe that leadership begins with the individual and that the choices we make in all our actions demonstrates this. We are committed to our community and our organization. We are committed to empowering others through formal and informal means. We believe that everyone in this organization can and does make a difference. 


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