The Town of Stony Plain makes policies to promote good governance and ensure the consistent and transparent operation of services, programs, facilities and administration.

Administrative policies

Administrative policies are approved by the Town Manager and focus on operational matters and administration of the Town within the authority granted by the Municipal Government Act, bylaws and Council policies.


Business License Bylaw Policy

Bylaw Standardization Administrative Policy

People Policies

Procurement Procedures Manual 2015


Media Relations

Social Media Policy

Website Content Management


Anti-Idiling Town-Owned Vehicles Administrative Policy

Prime Contractor Policy

Workplace Violence, Bullying and Harassment

Council policies

Council policies are a written commitment and direction of Council regarding matters of Governance, public services, programs and standards of performance for the Town based on Council's values, priorities and strategic direction. The Municipal Development Plan (MDP), Strategic Plan and Corporate Plan are considered Council policies.


Advertisements Register

CAO Performance Review Policy

Corporate Identity Policy

FOIP Coordinator

Records and Information Management

Signing or Authorization of Municipal Documents

Technology Use Policy


Achievement Recognition

Citizen at Large Board Member Selection

Directional, Event and Community Group Signage

Flag Flying Protocol

Municipal Historic Designation Policy

Park Bench Memorial Program

Public Art Policy

Public Participation Policy

Recognition of Board and Committee Members


Canvassing and Proclamations

Council Compensation and Expenses

Council Retreats

Donations to Charitable Organizations

Ex-Officio Members

Policy Development

Policy Statement on Regionalism

Quarterly Reports


Accounting and Financial Reporting

Accumulated Surplus - Restricted (Reserves)

Bad Debts

Cash Management & Investments

Community Initiatives Grant Program

Corporate & Long Term Planning

Debt Management


Over or Non-Budgeted Expenditures

Procurement & Expenditures

Program Refunds

Refund of Golf Course Seasonal Memberships

Revenue and Taxation

Tangible Capital Assets

Planning & Infrastructure

Amenity Naming Policy

Capital Recreation Contribution

Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Unit Residential Infill Policy

Compliance Reports

Fence Maintenance

Municipal Planning Commission Minutes and Agendas

Planning and Development Guiding Documents

Public Tree Policy

Sidewalk Maintenance

Storm Sewer System Maintenance

Subdivision, Street and Building Naming


Water and Hydrant Systems Maintenance


Automated Traffic Enforcement

Concern or Complaint Reporting

Health and Safety

Municipal Risk Management

Road Markings 

Snow Removal and Ice Control

Surveillance Systems

Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance