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Urban Agriculture Plan

Urban agriculture can be defined as the growing, processing, and distribution of food and other products through intensive plant cultivation and animal husbandry in and around urban areas.

Following the creation of the Regional Agricultural Master Plan (RAMP) by the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board, the Town of Stony Plain is creating its first Urban Agriculture Plan (UAP) to provide guidance on urban agriculture development at the municipal level, and practices within the town that consider future climate change impacts. The UAP is intended to identify how urban agriculture can be supported in Stony Plain, as well as the key components to determine the role of urban agriculture in Stony Plain's future. 

Help determine what the future of agriculture looks like in Stony Plain considering the changing climate and our role as a metropolitan area within the Edmonton region. 

Share your thoughts on urban agriculture by completing the survey from November 10-December 10, 2021! 

If you have any questions about the Urban Agriculture Plan, please contact us by phone at 780-963-2151 ext. 1971 or email

Housing Strategy

The Town of Stony Plain is preparing a Housing Strategy to better understand the current housing situation and develop a strategy to create and maintain affordable, safe, and suitable housing options. The Housing Strategy will identify housing needs within our community and establish goals to support the development of affordable and diverse housing to meet the needs of people of all ages and abilities. 

During our first phase of engagement in September, we heard from residents on the challenges they are currently facing and ideas for potential actions that would have a positive impact on housing in Stony Plain. Through a community survey, stakeholder workshop, and Council workshop, feedback was gathered on:

  • Housing gaps and current challenges and barriers
  • Existing and future housing needs
  • Potential ideas for action, opportunities to explore, and areas of priority

See what has been shared so far by reading the Phase 1 What We Heard Report.

Now, we want your feedback to confirm what we’ve heard so far and gather input on the draft mission statement, goals, and direction of the Housing Strategy to better address housing needs in Stony Plain. Fill out the second Housing Strategy survey, available from October 27-November 15, 2021. 

If you have any questions about the Housing Strategy, please contact us by phone at 780-963-8575 or email