Development agreements

Development agreements are legal contracts between a municipality and landowner or developer that set conditions for how to develop a site. Development agreements are often required for subdivisions and may be required as part of a development permit.

Development charges and off-site levies

Development charges are costs collected to build new infrastructure outside or “off” a development site. New infrastructure may include new or extended roads, water, sanitary and storm water infrastructure, and the land required for each. This infrastructure is necessary to serve new developments and support growth.

Off-site levies are a type of development charge. We have authority to collect development charges through the Municipal Government Act and Off-site Levy Bylaw 2594/D&P/18. We calculate development charges based on catchment areas shown on the Development Charges Map. These areas are based on the Development Charges Report that was updated in 2017. 

Please contact Planning and Development to find out if a development charge applies to your development or subdivision.