Development permits help to ensure the use of the land and location of buildings meet the regulations of the Town's Land Use Bylaw. Land uses are classified under each land use district as either permitted or discretionary.

Building permits are required to help ensure the health and safety of residents and are regulated under the Safety Codes Act, Permit Regulations and the Alberta Building Code. As of January 1, 2021, the Town of Stony Plain has updated its Quality Management Plan. Upon receiving your issued permit, please review the conditions carefully for any changes that may have occurred.

Development permits

You must apply for a development permit for:

Residential low density projects (detached, semi-detached & duplex dwellings)

  • New building construction
  • Alterations or additions to an existing residential building
  • Covered or enclosed decks regardless of height
  • Uncovered decks over 2 feet high
  • Accessory development (garages, sheds, gazebos)
  • Year-round recreational vehicle parking space 

Non-residential projects (medium & high density residential & comprehensive plans) 

  • New building construction
  • Alterations or additions to an existing non-residential building
  • Accessory development for a non-residential building 
  • Demolition of an existing building

Changes of use

Home occupations

Secondary suites

Shipping containers

  • On a property for more than 30 days


Development notices 

For information on development notices, visit our development notices page.

Public hearings 

For a list of public hearings, visit our public hearings page.

 Building permits

You must apply for a building permit for:

Single & semi-detached residential new construction projects

  • Construction of a new building

Residential alterations and additions 

  • Accessory buildings (garages, sheds, gazebos)
  • Residential renovations/basement developments
  • Decks
  • Swimming pools
  • Wood burning appliances 

Non-residential & high density residential projects

  • Additions and alterations to an existing building
  • Non-residential change of use
  • Tenant improvements in a non-residential space
  • Home occupations
  • Secondary suites


Most development and building permit applications will require:

  • A landowner consent form if you are not the registered landowner
  • A site plan of the property showing the location, size and setbacks of the buildings to the property lines (existing and proposed)
  • Exterior elevation drawings of all sides of a building showing the finishes, windows, doors and height of the buildings
  • Floor plans with dimensions and use of rooms, location of doors and windows, exits, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Any other supporting documentation as required by the Development Officer and Safety Codes Officer at the time of application (water & sewer installation report, geotechnical investigation, engineering, lot grading elevations, new home warranty, etc.)

Two copies of your site plan and drawings will be required with your application, drawings must be legible and drawn to scale. Fees are determined based on the type of application. 

Permits are issued by the Planning and Infrastructure Department, located on the second floor at Town Office.  You must pay all permit fees at the time of application.

Development and building inspections

We book inspections for issued permits to ensure all projects meet provincial codes.

Contact the Town at 780-963-8598 to book your building permit inspection. Please have your building permit number and the address of the project available to book your inspection. We conduct residential and commercial building inspections Monday through Friday (subject to change). We require 48 hours notice to book your inspection.

Electrical, gas, plumbing and private sewage disposal systems (PSDS) inspections

Electrical, gas, plumbing and PSDS permits are required to help ensure the health and safety of residents and are regulated under the Safety Codes Act, Permit Regulations and applicable codes. Permits and inspections are required for the installation, addition and alternation to electrical, gas, plumbing and private sewage systems. The Town of Stony Plain processes permit applications.

Please contact the Inspections Group Inc. for all electrical, gas, plumbing and PSDS permit inspections 780-454-5048.

Compliance reports

Your lawyer or real estate agent may request a compliance report when selling your home. A compliance report indicates if the improvements on your property meet the current regulations of the Town's Land Use Bylaw. To obtain a compliance report please complete a compliance request form and submit it with an original real property report (RPR) to the Planning and Infrastructure department. Photo copies and scanned copies are not accepted. 

Real property reports are prepared by an Alberta Land Surveyor and there is a charge for the service. Visit the Alberta Land Surveyors Association website for more information.

 To discuss your project and confirm if permits are required contact