Neighbourhood Connect is all about neighbours helping neighbours.

Everyone is valuable and has something to offer neighbourhood life. The discovery of your neighbours skills, abilities and needs will lead to a stronger, more engaged, and supportive neighbourhood. We are building a network of neighborhood connectors and looking for you to register and then share community news or/host community events in your neighbourhood. 

Register to be a Neighbourhood Connector in your neighbourhood!

Build community, strengthen Stony Plain community spirit, and ensure all your neighbours are connected. Hosting a neighbourhood event is a fun and easy way to get to know your neighbours! As friendships grow, so do safe and caring communities.


For assistance with your neighbourhood event planning, check out the neighbours meeting neighbours community events guide or reach out to our office for assistance with your planning. You can start by filling out the community event application link below.

Note: Be innovative with your neighbouring and connecting.


Together we can ensure our neighbourhoods are strong, healthy and connected where neighbours care about neighbours and celebrate Stony Plain as a great place to call home