The Old Town South Redevelopment area includes the land north of 57 Avenue, south of Brickyard Place and 55 Avenue, and west of the PERC Building that currently contains the Glenn Hall Centennial Arena, the outdoor pool and spray park, the ball diamonds and outdoor track, and Stony Plain Central School, École La Trinité, and Westview School. 

The Old Town Community Plan (OTCP) is the Town's first and only area redevelopment plan. It provides a cohesive vision, policy framework, and implementation plan to guide future development and redevelopment of the Old Town South area. This area includes a vision for Old Town South (referred to in the OTCP as the Recreation and Cultural Campus) that includes new road connections and future development potential for infrastructure, services, businesses, and amenities.

The purpose of the Old Town South project is to define suitable land use concepts and create a site design for future redevelopment of the area, while establishing a plan to implement the site design and associated land uses. This work will include the following:

  1. Assessing the current state of infrastructure in the project area;
  2. Developing a concept plan for redevelopment of the project area;
  3. Guiding future investments that are viable and cohesive; and 
  4. Enabling redevelopment of the project area to align with the site design. 

This work stems from and implements the Old Town Community Plan to continue progress towards ensuring this area is a vibrant hub for social, cultural, recreational, institutional, residential, and commercial activities. The project phases and budget allocation is detailed on page 8 of the 2023-2025 Corporate Plan

Old Town South Redevelopment Map

Boundaries of the Old Town South Redevelopment area include the land north of 57 Avenue, south of Brickyard Place and 55 Avenue, and west of the PERC Building that currently contains the Glenn Hall Centennial Arena, the outdoor pool and spray park, the ball diamonds and outdoor track, and Stony Plain Central School, École La Trinité, and Westview School. 


Old Town South Redevelopment Area Map

Community Recreation Facility
The Town of Stony Plain has started planning a potential multi-plex recreation centre to serve the indoor recreation needs of the region. Visit the Community Recreation Facility page for more information and project updates.
École La Trinité
In 2022, the Town and the Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord (CSCN) school board welcomed the first francophone school to Stony Plain - École La Trinité. This school offers French-first education to approximately 60 students between preschool and grade six from Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, and Parkland County. The school was designed and constructed with modular units to ensure residents have a diversity of primary education options to support the next generation of learners, while a permanent K-12 school remains a high priority for the CSCN. 
Glenn Hall Centennial Arena
The Glenn Hall Centennial Arena, named after NHL hockey hall of famer and local hero - Mr. Goalie - provides a variety of features and amenities including public skating, ice rentals, dry floor rentals, and skate sharpening. Visit the Town's Sports Facilities page for more information. 
Stony Plain Central School
Westview School opened in September 2023. With the opening of this this new school Stony Plain Central School was closed and has been designated for demolition - the date of demolition to be decided.
Stony Plain Outdoor Pool & Spray Park
The Stony Plain Outdoor Pool has been making a splash in the community for over 40 years. The Town works with the TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre to operate the six-lane pool from mid-May to the end of August. Visit the Town's Sports Facilities page for more information. 
Westview School
Westview School is a new facility opened in September 2023 that accommodates 900 students. The new facility represents extensive collaboration between the Parkland School Division and the Town of Stony Plain to provide our community and younger generations the educational facilities they need to thrive.

Due to the complex nature of this project and the variety of other initiatives taking place within the OTSR area boundary, there are differing levels of information available about the status of ongoing and future initiatives and how they will impact the overall redevelopment of the site. The map below compares what the existing site looks like, including the new Westview School and the Ecole francophone de Stony Plain, and what the area could look like with the proposed projects like the Recreation Centre and eastern roadway. The map also includes conceptual options for how the remainder of the area may be developed or used, showcasing an additional roadway connection through the site potential development along the roadways.

Slide the grey bar left to see the current state of the area and right to see the potential future development opportunities. Use the layer list in the top right hand corner to turn layers off and on to explore the different site features.

Call for Videos from Long-Time Residents

The Old Town South Redevelopment project is set to transform Stony Plain's historic heart, and we want to hear from you! If you're a long-time resident, with cherished memories and stories to share about Old Town South, we invite you to be a part of this exciting initiative by creating and submitting a video - tell us about the moments that shaped your connection to the area, the experiences you've had, and the significance it holds in your life. 

To participate:
  1. Record a short video, approximately 1-3 minutes in length.
  2. Upload it to your preferred video sharing social media channel.
  3. Include the hashtags #StonyPlain, #ReimagineStonyPlain, #OldTownSouth, #OldTownRedevelopment, and #MyStonyPlain in your video description or caption.
  4. Share the link to your video with us by sending an email to
  5. Include your name, contact information, and a brief description of the content in your submission.

By sharing your video, you contribute to the collective narrative of Old Town South and play a vital role in preserving its legacy. Selected videos may be featured on the official Old Town South Redevelopment webpage, social media channels, or in future conversation and help shape the future of this cherished community.