The participating businesses in the Parkland Detachment area include:

Stony Plain: Stony Auto                                                          Spruce Grove: Fountain Tire
                     Tirecraft                                                                                         OK Tire
                     Mewassin Auto                                                                              Bluenose Automotive
                     Binx Auto                                                                                       CT Automotive
                     G&B Autocare

Alberta Beach: Jack's Auto Mechanical                                   Onoway: Country Automotive
                          Wicked Automotive                                                           Grand Tire and Auto

If you are having your vehicle serviced at any of these locations, the business will offer to engrave your catalytic converter at no charge, while the other work is completed. If you only wish to have your converter engraved without any other work being completed, then the applicable shop fee applies. Please contact any of these businesses about their rates and services they offer.