The Corporate Plan provides the resources and guides the implementation of the services, processes and capital projects to achieve the outcomes in Council's Strategic Plan. It is based upon the vision and principles of the Municipal Development Plan.

On November 27, 2023 Council approved the 2024 Corporate Plan, and accepted in principle 2025 & 2026. The approved municipal tax increase of 8.66% for 2024 is comprised of 5.66% for municipal operations and 3% for the Community Recreation Centre. The impact of the 2024 municipal tax increase to a sample residential property assessed at $350,000 is $147.13/year or $12.26/month. The portion of this allocated to the Community Recreation Centre is $51.00/year or $4.25/month. 

The details of the 2024-2026 projects and services for the Town of Stony Plain are outlined in the Corporate Plan provided below.   

2024-2026 Corporate Plan (click to download pdf format)