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Business Licence

You can apply for several types of licences:

For more information, visit our business licence section.

Building permit

You need a building permit for:

  • New construction and additions
  • Minor improvements (decks, sheds, hot tubs, wood burning appliances, etc.)
  • Demolishing and moving buildings
  • Renovations

Apply for a permit

You can apply for a building permit at Town Hall. For more information on permits, visit our development and building permits section.


For more information on cannabis retail sales, use our cannabis retail sales development permit application checklist

Compliance reports

You can request a compliance report at Town Hall.

Development permits

You can apply for a development permit at Town Hall. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Contact our planning department for more information or visit our development and building permits section.

Electrical permit

You can apply for an electrical permit at Town Hall.


Administrative Fees
Legal fees for all agreements $3500.00 Deposit (fees to be invoiced per legal fees & disbursements incurred)
Agreement drafting fee (by Town Admin) $1500.00, plus registration fees
Administration of agreements after approval   


Appeals to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB)
Subdivision $300.00
Stop order $500.00
Development permit – Low density residential $100.00
Development permit - High density, commercial, industrial, community services, comprehensive site, future development $500.00
Sign permits – Billboard or electronic $300.00
Sign permits – Freestanding, portable, etc. $200.00
Building Permits

The fee for each permit shall be payable upon receipt of the permit application. Each building permit is subject to a 4% Safety Code Levy fee.  The minimum Safety Code Levy fee on a building permit is $4.50 to a maximum of $560.00.


Single family dwelling & semi detached

Minimum permit fee $100.00
New construction & additions $5.00/m2
Basement development & renovations $2.50/m2
Walk-out basement development & secondary suites $4.00/m2
Foundations or footing only $2.50/m2
Accessory buildings - Attached & detached $3.00/m2
Re-inspection fee (residential) $100.00/hr min.


Multi-family dwellings/Commercial/Industrial/Community Services & Institutional

Minimum permit fee $500.00
New construction & additions $5.00/m2
Basement & other finished areas (incl. parkades) $2.50/m2
Foundations or footings only $2.50/m2
Accessory buildings $3.00/m2
Renovations and/or tenant improvements $5.00/m2
Renovation - Demising wall $500.00
Re-inspection fee (min.) $250.00/hr min.


Misc. Building permit fees

Swimming pools (in ground) $100.00
Hot tubs or portable pools $100.00
Decks or wheelchair ramp, etc. $100.00
HVAC installation  $100.00
Wood stove or fireplace  $100.00
Manufactured home - New $200.00 
Temporary structures (event tents, etc.)  $100.00


Safety codes consultation

Safety codes consultation services $150.00/hr min.
Building permit re-inspection (residential) $100.00/hr min. 
Building permit re-inspection (multi-family, commericial, institutional, community services) $250.00/hr min. 
Building permit revision & extension   50% of BP fee 
Penalty for beginning construction without permits 100% of BP fee
Water / sewer installation report (PW) $50.00


Relocation / demolition permit

Residential $100.00
Commercial $250.00

 Contractor Water

Residential, single family $300.00
Residential, multi-family

$440.00 1st unit $27.00 each additional unit

Commercial, industrial, institutional $660.00


Bylaw applications or amendments

Municipal Development Plans, Area Structure Plans, Area Redevelopment Plans (non-refundable) $3500.00 + $100.00 per hectare, includes ads, signage & circulation costs
Land Use Bylaw & road closures (non-refundable) $3000.00, includes ads, signage & circulation costs
Re-submission fee or revision fee              25% of original fee
Compliance Reports
Residential $150.00
High density, Comprehensive Sites, Commercial, Industrial, Community Services $250.00
Revised compliance – Within six months of original compliance $75.00
Rush service – All land uses Double the regular fee
 Development Permits

Development permit extensions and revisions are 100% of the original development permit fee to a max. of $5000.00. The penalty for starting development prior to approval of permits is 100% of the original development permit fee.

New Construction

Permitted use

Discretionary use / Relaxation

Single detached & semi-detached dwellings $150.00 $250.00
Multi-family or high density - Per unit $100.00 $150.00
Commercial, industrial, community services (includes additions) min. $300.00

$250.00 + $1.00/m

Additional $100.00




Misc. Residential - Decks, additions, accessory buildings, home occupations, etc. $75.00 $125.00
Misc. Commercial, industrial, institutional, community services - Decks, accessory buildings, etc. $125.00 $225.00
Change of use $225.00  
Excavation, clearing, filling of vacant lots $500.00  
Signage (all signs other than billboards & electronic message boards) $100.00 $200.00
Signage (billboards > 10 m2, electronic message board) $200.00 $300.00

Sign impound & storage

Pickup & impoundment of portable signs (or signs similar or larger in size)            $100.00
Pickup & impoundment of A frame signs (or signs similar in size)               $30.00
Per day storage fees for portable signs (or similar or larger in size) $20.00
 Engineering Permits
Boulevard crossing (driveways) – New $100.00
Boulevard crossing (driveways) – Extension of existing $50.00
Utility installation and street occupancy – Full road closure $100.00
Utility installation and street occupancy – Partial road closure $50.00
Utility connection permit $100.00
Road/haul agreement $250.00
 Lot Grading Inspections
Low density residential (per lot)                $120.00
Re-inspections  $120.00
Medium & high density residential

$200.00 + $50.00 for each unit on the first level


$200.00 + $50.00 for each unit on the first level

Commercial, industrial & institutional (per hectare)

$200.00/ha min. $200.00

Re-inspection (per hectare)

$200.00/ha min. $200.00

 Other Fees

Capital Recreation Contribution

Per single family dwelling unit $875.00 per unit
Per duplex dwelling unit $875.00 per unit
Per unit for multiple dwelling of three or more units $525.00 per unit
Per unit for affordable or seniors housing $300.00 per unit
 Development Charges (Offsite levies)
Bylaw 2594/D&P/18 (per catchment area) See Bylaw
 Development Security Deposits
Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Community Services & High Density Developments $10,000.00 per site & per phase
Clearing, excavation, filling and grading of vacant lots for high density, comprehensive site, commercial, institutional, industrial (in-fill lots)       $10,000.00
 Environmental & Parcel Assessment Information Requests 
Environment / Parcel Assessment Correspondence / Parcel Information Request  $100.00/per
 Planning Documents
Street map or land use map $10.00 (plus GST)
Postage & Handling (for mail outs) $5.00 (plus GST)
 Land Title Transactions
Caveats – Discharges or Postponements (single request) $75.00, plus Land Title fees
Discharge of caveats for development agreements or other instruments $100.00, plus Land Title fees
Land Title searches and copies of instruments Fees charged to the Town by Land Titles

Subdivision and bareland condominium fees  

Per application  $500.00
Per lot (plus remnant parcel)     

$300.00 per lot or remnant

Endorsement application $300.00, plus $225.00 per lot
Endorsement extension               $200.00 per lot (max. $1000.00)
Re-submission  40% of original fee
Condo conversion application review fee $300.00, plus $40.00 per unit  
Condominium endorsement fee $40.00 per unit or lot


Fire pits

Read our fire pit usage guide for more information. Burn permits are issued by the Fire Department.

Gas permit

You can apply for a gas permit at Town Hall.

Landowner consent

You can obtain a landowner consent form at Town Hall.

Land Use Bylaw amendments (redistricting)

Download our application to amend the land use bylaw.

Lot grading

Download our rough grade compliance checklist. Save the document to your desktop before filling it out.

Plumbing permit and private sewage permit

You can apply for a plumbing permit at Town Hall.

Statutory plans
Download our application to amend an area structure plan. For other types of statutory plans please contact the Planning and Infrastructure Department.

Download our subdivision application form. For subdivision condominium conversions download our subdivision application for condominium conversions form. For endorsement extensions download our subdivision endorsement extension application form. For extension agreements download our time extension agreement for a subdivision application.