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Zoning or districting is the division of land into districts. We district all land within the Town of Stony Plain under the Land Use Bylaw.  To find a break down of districts in Stony Plain use our Land Use Districts Map.

Land Use Bylaw Land Use District Map

Land use districts specify:

  • The purpose of the district
  • Permitted and discretionary uses
  • General regulations

Land Use Bylaw

The Land Use Bylaw controls land use and development to ensure it aligns with the Town's vision. The Bylaw sets:

  • Land uses
  • Housing types and densities
  • Location of shops and services
  • Parking requirements
  • Landscaping
  • Building heights

The Bylaw includes definitions for all land uses to help determine if your proposal meets the requirements of that district.

Land Use Bylaw amendments

Land use districts can only change through a Land Use Bylaw amendment or redistricting. An application for redistricting must be consistent with all statutory plans.


Redistricting means changing the district that applies to a piece of land. You must apply for rezoning to develop in a way that is not allowed under the current districting, or to subdivide the land for a different use. Council can approve a redistricting application through a Land Use Bylaw Amendment. A redistricting application takes a minimum of two to three months once accepted, but can take longer under certain circumstances.


You must apply for subdivision when:

  • Adjusting a lot line or creating multiple lots from one existing lot;
  • Legally separating space in an existing building; or
  • Subdividing one or more lots into a bare land condominium or strata subdivision. 


You can appeal a Subdivision Authority decision to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) or the Municipal Government Board depending on the nature of the subdivision. To appeal a decision, you must submit a complete application form and pay the application fee. 

Subdivision endorsement

We endorse all subdivisions approved by the Subdivision Authority. To finalize a subdivision and create new lots or units, you must:

  • Provide a complete subdivision endorsement package to the Town;
  • Meet all conditions of approval;
  • Obtain Town approval; and
  • Register the subdivision plan at Alberta Land Titles.