Stony Plain has many banners around Town as a part of our Public Art.

Public Art Banners

Walking With Creation

Artist: Angela Hall

This design features four bear claws with traditional Cree/Metis flowers. Beaded flower images inside the claws run along the edges of the canvas. The theme of this artwork demonstrates the courage and beauty of Stony Plain community in challenging times.

Quotidian Summer

Artist: Stephan Garneau

The inspiration for this work was the town’s proud history of murals and Christian traditions of stained glass windows.  

The famous murals in town show important events and people in the town’s history. As an homage to this practice, the imagery in these panels reflect contemporary life in town and include symbols that will likely serve as future points of memory.  

The design employs outlines and overlapping bars similar to those found in stained glass windows. Stained glass windows often display narrative elements in communal spaces, serving as reminders of shared histories and beliefs. As such, the traditional function of murals and stained glass windows are closely aligned. The counterbalance of elements in the two banners further reinforces these commonalities and present enduring manifestations of the need for community, family and shared values. 

Community Banners

poppy banners
Veterans Boulevard

These commemorative banners pay tribute to veterans in our community.

coloured banners
Active Transportation

These student-designed banners are part of an active transportation initiative with Ever Active Schools, Parkland School Division, and the Town of Stony Plain