Enhancing Inclusion & Diversity

Everyone enriches and brings value to our community.The Town of Stony Plain believes that being more inclusive and diverse will increase and strengthen our community’s economic advantage. It will allow our community programming and services to be more efficient and it will make our community a better and more welcoming community for all. We acknowledge that residents and visitors in our community regardless of ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, age, income level or language, bring value to our community and should be able to fully participate in all aspects of life.

The Town of Stony Plain supports programs, projects, and events to ensure all layers of identity and difference are considered, supported and accepted in our community.

Together We Shine Initiative is in development. Follow along here.

Community Report on Inclusion & Diversity

Fostering a Connected Community in Stony Plain Case Study

Reducing Poverty

The Town of Stony Plain understands that poverty is complex, ambiguous, challenging, expensive, affects individuals and communities, means fewer choices, more stress, poorer health, children suffering and growing inequality. Poverty is a human rights issue.

Addressing the issue of poverty requires special considerations and community-wide solutions involving multiple community players and multiple levels of government. View more information on the Town of Stony Plain Poverty Reduction Strategy.

The Town of Stony Plain supports programs, projects, and events to realize an end to poverty and homelessness whereby Stony Plain and area residents are enriched through a strong, healthy, connected community.

2022 Short-Term Non-Market Housing Study 2022 Stony Plain Poverty Strategy with Actions

2019 Stony Plain Plan to Reduce Poverty Impact Report 

Supporting Wellness

Our vision is a vibrant community with a state of wellness for all. We seek to help deepen the value of mental health both individually and collectively. To better understand, protect, sustain, and flourish as a community.

Prevention and awareness are at the heart of what we do because we believe the best way to deal with a crisis is to address issues early. We incorporate community wellness through public education & training, awareness events, programming, support services, means of safety, and research.

2022-2023 Roots of Hope Case Study
2023 Roots of Hope Community Report


Promoting Healthy Relationships

The Town of Stony Plain understands that family violence has negative social, financial, and health impacts on those directly involved, as well as on their friends and family, colleagues, community and society at large. Through collaborations with community, we work preventively to shift perspectives, support those at risk, and build the resilience and security of all our residents. 

We provide backbone support for the TriRegion Elder Abuse (TREA) Coordinated Community Response (CCR) Network. The TREA CCR is a collaborative effort of stakeholders across the Tri-Region to address elder abuse through awareness, education, and wrap-around supports. The purpose is to connect vulnerable older adults to supports in a respectful and considerate way. The group is supported by a Program Coordinator that works out of the Stony Plain office.


Public Brochure 2023 Community Report



The Stony Plain Youth Centre is a safe and supportive environment for local youth aged 11 – 17.  The Youth Centre is not only a comfortable place to hang out and socialize with friends, it is but also a place to have some fun during drop in activities, learn new skills by participating in programs, or get involved in volunteer projects and special events.


The Town of Stony Plain believes that every individual has the right to seek a positive fulfilling volunteer experience and the volunteer activity should be mutually beneficial to the volunteer, the organization, and the clients they serve.

The Volunteer Centre services provide a central point of access to the volunteer community by connecting people and community needs. Our Centre connects individuals who are looking for volunteer opportunities in the community to not-for-profit organizations seeking volunteers to assist them. The Centre continues to be an active presence in the community and grows to serve volunteering and community needs.