The Town of Stony Plain has initiated the planning of a recreation facility to serve the indoor recreation needs of the region. The development of a recreation facility was identified as a strategic priority for Council in 2018 and is included as a key strategic priority in the 2024-2027 Strategic Plan. The construction of the facility was identified as an action item in the 2024-2026 Corporate Plan.

Project details
In 2017, the Tri-Region Indoor Recreation Facility Strategy was developed to examine current recreational capacity in the region and identify areas in need of growth. The plan incorporated multiple levels of review including an initial analysis of trends, current facility capacity, population changes, and a review of policy. Community engagement was a key aspect of the plan's development and residents were included in the planning process through public pop-up events, surveys, interviews, and workshops. 

This strategy has guided the work that has led to the current recreation facility design.


The development of a recreation facility in Stony Plain has been a strategic priority of Council since the completion of the Indoor Recreation Facility Strategy for the Tri-Municipal Region in 2017. The design includes:

  • Community space 
  • Walking and running track
  • Turf field
  • Two multi-purpose sport courts
  • Four Pickleball courts
  • Six sheet curling facility
  • Concession 

Facility design

Main floor

Main floor concept design for recreation facility

Second floor

Second floor design for recreation facility


Facility renderings

Curious about what the facility will look like? Check out interior and exterior facility renderings below.


 Interior view of common space in Rec Centre rendering

Gym view rendering of rec facility

Curling rink view of rec centre rendering


 Exterior Rendering of Recreation Facility


Council presentations and news releases

For more information about the history of this project, check out the following Council Agendas and news release:

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