Let's Talk Mental Health

Throughout the year the Town of Stony Plain focuses on activities and opportunities to open up the conversation around mental health.

Self-Injury Awareness Day March 1

Women caring for herself






March 1 is Self-Injury Awareness Day.  To help parents and caregivers learn about self-injury the Town of Stony Plain is Partnering with Alycol Integrated Health Services to talk about self-injury. 

Holding Space: Understanding and Supporting Those Who Self-Injure

Self-harming behaviours are often poorly understood and interventions to reduce the incidence, or need for self-harm, can be ineffective and detrimental. Join us for a shame-free, strength-based, discussion regarding the biological, social, and emotional aspects of self-injurious behaviours and the ways in which to support and hold space for those who do hurt to heal. 

You can attend this session in person or online.  The in-person event will take place at Forest Green Plaza #107, 4613-52 Avenue in Stony Plain.  

March 1, 2022 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Register and login

Power of Story Telling Contest - January

This is a storytelling contest for poets and short story writers about mental health. The catch, you only have seven lines or sentences to tell it in. Stories or poems can be submitted with or without accompanying art. There are four categories for judging in this contest: Poetry adult, poetry 17 and under, short story adult, short story 17 and under. You must be living or working in the Town of Stony Plain, City of Spruce Grove, or Parkland County to be eligible for entry.

Contest Dates

Get ready for 2023! Contest runs January 1- January 31


Submit your story or poem

How to Write a Seven Sentence Story

You can use the sentence starter in bold at the start of each of the following paragraphs to write your seven sentence story or use the plot points that follow each sentence starter to form your story.

Once upon a time… this is where in the plot you introduce the main character, what they want, and the first action they take that advances the story. 

And every day… this is the results of the action in the first sentence that makes the situation worse and takes the character further from the goal.

Until one day… based on the new situation, the character takes a new action to accomplish the goal.

And because of this… things change (possibly for the worse) but still aren't going as planned or require further action.

And because of that… based on the new situation the character the character may take a third and final action to accomplish their goal or take further action. 

Until finally… This further action either accomplishes the goal, fails, or there is an unusual but oddly satisfying different result caused by the last action.

And ever since that day... The plot is wrapped up and tells the reader how the character felt about the result, a moral or what else happened to the character and how life continues on.

Examples of Seven Sentence Short Stories by published authors

The Hair Cut by Jasmine Guillory author of The Proposal

The Girl and the Dragon by Laura Sebastian author of the Ash Princess

*Trigger warning, suicide* Girl on the Bridge by Fiona Davis author of The Masterpiece 

Stand Up for Mental Health

The Town of Stony Plain is working with award winning comedian and counselor David Granirer from Vancouver on Stand-Up for Mental Health, a comedy show. The show is meant to raise awareness on the stigma surrounding mental illness.  David himself has a diagnosed bipolar disorder and uses comedy to open the dialogue around mental illness.

The show will take place May 5, 2022 at Heritage Park starting at 5:30 p.m.  Tickets go on sale in April. 

Mental Health Resources for COVID-19

Whether you are looking for coping and wellness, physical well-being, substance use and addictions, family matters, suicide, seniors or mental health moments, visit the Alberta Health Services list of resources.