Current Projects

Public Art Bench

The Town is currently undertaking the creation of a work of public art that functions as a bench. This artwork will be installed at the trailhead of the intersection of Brightbank Avenue and Oatway Drive in 2021. The artwork is being created by Wendy Siebert of Jagged Design Works.

Downtown Banners

The Town of Stony Plain recently sourced designs from artists to create works of art that will be a part of an ongoing art banners program in our Downtown to celebrate the completion of this project in our community. These banners will be installed in 2021.


The Town of Stony Plain is known for it's magnificent outdoor paintings. Over 39 murals are located throughout downtown and surrounding areas. The artworks have been created by 23 different artists from across Canada.

Learn about the life and times of Stony Plain by touring our Murals.

Mural Tours

All tours have been cancelled for 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Take a self-guided tour using our Mural Guide or visit our online map.

Public Artworks

Aboriginal Medicine Wheel (2018)

Each year participants helped make pieces of the wheel. It represents North East South and West, the Circle of Life, and the wisdom of each animal the buffalo, the eagle, the bear and the wolf.

Located at: Heritage Park (5100-41 Avenue)

Lead Artist: Tracie Mandrek

Assisting Artists: Kathy Weiss, Heather Lyll, Diane Miele, Barb Watchman, Brenda Evjan, Donna Wakefield, and Jackie Billows of the Parkland Potters' Guild.

Alberta Winter Games Legacy Monument (2012)

This 26.5 ton boulder includes the engraving of the lyrics of the 2012 Winter Games song.

Located at: Heritage Park (5100-41 Avenue)

Disc Drumming (2018)

Use the mallets to make music on this sculpture. It is made of 11 agricultural disc harrows. This piece represents the farming history of Stony Plain.

Located at: Rotary Park (4815-44 Avenue)

Artists: James Cameron Smith & William Doef, Ontario

Enduring Connections (2019)

Forged from iron and horseshoes this piece was created using centuries old blacksmithing techniques. The work represents the many important relationships the Town of Stony Plain hold with the community. Community members participated in the creation of the artwork through forging workshops held at the Stony Plain and Parkland Pioneer Museum where they assisted the artist in transforming donated horseshoes into the seed pods of the wheatgrass.

Located at: Heritage Park (5100-41 Avenue)

Artist: Paul Reimer, Cranbrook, BC

Horse and Rider (1974)

This fountain is a commemoration of the RCMP centennial. The sculpture represents a Mountie leading his horse over a stream.

Located at: Multicultural Heritage Centre (5411-51 Street)

Artist: Don Bednar

Outdoor Piano Project

Please note: Pianos will not be available in 2020 due to COVID-19 public health orders.


Painted by local artists, stop by and play one of our three outdoor pianos through the summer months.

Located at: Shikaoi Park (4905-51 Avenue), Multicultural Heritage Centre (5411-51 Street) and the Visitor Information Centre (4815-44 Avenue)

Poet Laureate 

The Poet Laureate is an honorary position with a term of two years.  Our Poet Laureate will serve the community by reflecting on the life of our town as experienced and observed through written and spoken word.   During their term, the Poet Laureate will be recognized as a cultural and literary ambassador, act as a champion for poetry, language and the arts, and represent our Town as Laureate during readings at civic functions and public poetry events. Stony Plain is the 6th Alberta community to have a Poet Laureate.
 Introducing our First Poet Laureate
Lisa Mulrooney sitting in front of a bookshelfLisa Mulrooney of Stony Plain has been selected as the first Poet Laureate for Stony Plain.  Lisa Mulrooney is originally from Redditch, England and now makes her home in Stony Plain, Alberta. She is an active member of Edmonton’s poetry community where she participates regularly in readings, festivals and events. She is the President and Co-Founder of Parkland Poets’ Society in Stony Plain and serves on the boards of both Edmonton’s Stroll of Poets Society and the Writers’ Guild of Alberta. Lisa was recently shortlisted for the Malahat Review's 2019 Open Season Award in Poetry and her work has appeared in a number of anthologies.
 Duties and Responsibilities
 The Poet Laureate will:
  • Serve a two year term as Poet Laureate for the Town of Stony Plain;
  • Assume the role of literary ambassador for the Town of Stony Plain and area;
  • Produce at least three original works each year;
  • Undertake a community project that relates to literary arts;
  • Appear and present works of significance to the Citizens of the Town of Stony Plain.
    • At least once a year in front of the Town of Stony Plain Council
    • At least once a year at Town of Stony Plain function
    • Appear at least 2 community events.
Additionally the Poet Laureate will be encouraged to present or perform works of other poets, if content is relevant and may be hired, at a rate the Poet 
 Intellectual Property

The Poet Laureate retains intellectual property of all original materials produced in their official capacity.

The Poet Laureate will allow the Town of Stony Plain to retain the right to use at least one of the Poet’s poems for each year the Poet Laureate is engaged in the role as Poet Laureate for the Town of Stony Plain.  The Town of Stony Plain agrees to use said poem exclusively as a tool to promote awareness, literacy, and the Poet Laureate program but not for financial gain. 

Any proceeds collected from an anthology or project will be used to fund future years of the Poet Laureate Program.  No additional compensation will be provided to the Poet Laureate.  The poet still owns the intellectual property of their poetry and may publish it elsewhere.
 Poet Laureate term
 This term will run from February 1, 2019 to January 31, 2021
Speaking Engagements
Poet Laureate Lisa Mulrooney will give her first official public address in the role to Council on March 4, 2019.  You can attend in person or watch Council on the Town's YouTube Channel

Sheriff Israel Umbach Statue (1997)

Made for the real Sheriff Israel Umbach of early Stony Plain. He has his chains to chain the train to the tracks until he gets the taxes from the railroad. It is made from scrap metal and bronze. It is six feet and weighs 400 lbs.

Located at: Rotary Park (4815-44 Avenue)

Artist: Shane Repka – Spruce Grove, AB

Story Time and Golden Years (2008)

These statues represent old to young and how learning is shared. These statues were purchased for Stony Plain's 100th birthday.

Located at: Town Hall (4905-51 Avenue)

Artist: Max Turner, Ken Morris