Active Transportation Strategy 
Active Transportation describes all human-powered forms of travel, such as walking, cycling, skating and skateboarding. The Active Transportation Strategy identifies gaps in our existing trail and sidewalk infrastructure to provide a framework to improve connectivity and accessibility of this network. 

Advocacy Plan

Council formalized goals and practices around advocacy to other levels of government and key stakeholders.  The objectives of coordinated advocacy are to:

  • Define what and how advocacy is conducted;
  • Outline roles and responsibilities of Council and Administration;
  • Define the advocacy initiatives with consistent key messages, target audience, stakeholders and tactics;
  • Provide transparency between Council and Administrations regarding the actions and the monitoring of interactions between Council and other levels of government; and
  • Track the effectiveness of advocacy for each initiative.

The advocacy strategy is updated annually in the first quarter to ensure the tactics are achieving the objectives and consistent with the Town Strategic Plan and Corporate Plan.  

Annual Report

The Annual Report provides an overview of the Town's key initiatives, accomplishments and activities for the previous year and include audited financial statements.

2023 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report  

2020 Annual Report  

2019 Annual Report

Area Redevelopment Plans

Area redevelopment plans (ARPs) designate areas of land for redevelopment to improve land or buildings, roads, public utilities, or other services in the area, often to revitalize an older area of a municipality. 

 Approved Area Redevelopment Plans 
 Old Town Community Plan

Area Structure Plans

Area structure plans (ASPs) provide the framework for developing and servicing new areas of the Town. Council adopts ASPs before redistricting or subdividing land in newly developing areas. We require a public hearing for ASPs before the plan is brought to Council.

ASPs must include:

  • The sequence of development proposed for the area;
  • Proposed land uses;
  • Proposed population density;
  • The general location of major transportation routes and public utilities; and
  • All other matters considered necessary by Council.

ASPs commonly include:

  • Background information - location, ownership, and physical site conditions;
  • Contextual information - relevant statutory plans, development history, and adjacent land uses and densities;
  • A vision and concept plan;
  • Land use statistics including dwelling estimates;
  • Transportation networks;
  • An open space plan;
  • Utilities and services for water, sanitary, and stormwater; and
  • Development staging.

For more information, please see the Application and Guidelines for Area Structure Plans.

To view all approved area structure plans, please see the Approved Area Structure Plan map.

Approved Area Structure Plans 

Aspen Meadows 
Aspen Meadows (Bylaw 2357)

Border (Bylaw 2263)

Border Amendment (Bylaw 2579)

Country Plains Estates
Country Plains Estates (Bylaw 2034)
Deerfield (Bylaw 870)
East Boundary
East Boundary (Bylaw 2541)
Edgeland Park

Edgeland Park (Bylaw 2327)

Edgeland Park Amendment (Bylaw 2540)

Fairways North 
Fairways North (Bylaw 2477)
Genesis on the Lakes 

Genesis on the Lakes (Bylaw 2258)

Genesis on the Lakes Amendment (Bylaw 2364)

Goertz Business Park
Goertz Business Park (Bylaw 2315)

Graybriar (Bylaw 2099)

Graybriar Amendment (Bylaw 2198)

Lake Westerra Estates 

Lake Westerra Estates (Bylaw 2185)

Lake Westerra Estates Amendment (Bylaw 2290)

Meridian Cove
Meridian Cove (Bylaw 2261)
North Industrial
North Industrial (Bylaw 2309)
Northwest Industrial 

Northwest Industrial (Bylaw 791)

Northwest Industrial (Meridian Meadows) Amendment (Bylaw 1081)

Parkland Gateway 
Parkland Gateway (Bylaw 2542)
South Business Park 

South Business Park (Bylaw 2656)

South Creek 
South Creek (Bylaw 2275)

Southeast (Bylaw 865)

Southeast (High Park) Amendment (Bylaw 991)

Southeast (High Park) Amendment (Bylaw 998)

Southeast (High Park) Amendment (Bylaw 1023)

Southeast (High Park) Amendment (Bylaw 1031)

Southeast (High Park) Amendment (Bylaw 1095)

Southeast (High Park) Amendment (Bylaw 1178)

Southeast (High Park) Amendment (Bylaw 2037)

Southeast (Home Acres) Amendment (Bylaw 2399)

Southeast (Sommerville) Amendment (Bylaw 2345)

Southeast (Sommerville) Amendment (Bylaw 2519)

The Brickyard at Old Town

The Brickyard at Old Town (Bylaw 2521)

The Brickyard at Old Town First Amendment (Bylaw 2659/D&P/22)

Tussic (Bylaw 2598)
Willow Park

Willow Park (Bylaw 2105)

Willow Park Amendment (Bylaw 2125)

Willow Park Amendment (Bylaw 2257)

Willow Park Amendment (Bylaw 2278)

Willow Park Amendment (Bylaw 2350)

Willow Park Amendment (Bylaw 2557)

Art in Public Places Strategy

This document guides Art in Public Places in Stony Plain.


Download accessible and printable version of Art in Public Places Strategy eBook

Arts, Culture and Heritage Action Plan

This document guides Arts, Culture and Heritage in Stony Plain.

Arts Culture and Heritage Action Plan

Broadband Strategy


Cemetery Master Plan and Cemetery Needs Assessment and Business Plan

Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan is the implementation document that institutes the services, processes and capital projects to achieve the outcomes indicated in Council's Strategic Plan. It is based upon the principles of the Municipal Development Plan.

Economic Development Strategic Plan

Download accessible and printable version of Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan eBook

Environmental Master Plan

The Environmental Master Plan (EMP) provides a vision and policies for Stony Plain to become a leader in environmental stewardship and guides actions to prioritize the health of our environment for the benefit of current and future generations.

Environmental Stewardship Strategy

The Environmental Stewardship Strategy (ESS) (2021) establishes an environmental action plan containing initiatives for the Town to undertake to achieve the vision and goals of the EMP. The 2021 ESS was created using the foundation of previous ESS documents (2007 and 2011 update), and provides a framework to track and report on environmental progress and implementation of proposed initiatives.

The Town completes an annual update to track progress of environmental projects. The 2022 Environmental Portfolio Annual Progress Update provides an overview of environmental progress made in 2022 and notes changes and additions to the ESS. 

Financial Reports

Audited Financial Statements

Current Year

Prior Years

GFOA Financial Reporting Award

GFOA International (Government Financial Officers Association) has awarded us the Canadian Award for Financial Reporting.

Fire Department Master Plan
The Fire Department Master plan provides a framework for future growth and development of the Department.
Fiscal Sustainability Framework
The Fiscal Sustainability Framework provides the highest level of fiscal guidance for the Town.
Greenspace Analysis & Inventory
To support development of an effective and well-designed greenspace network, Stony Plain’s Greenspace Analysis & Inventory provides a framework to understand what elements comprise and influence the greenspace network, while exploring feasible recommendations for improving greenspace in the future.
Highway Development Strategy 
The Highway Development Strategy supports investment attraction efforts in the areas bordering Highways 16A & 628 by outlining development scenarios and their associated feasibility.
Housing Strategy 
The Housing Strategy identifies housing needs and establishes goals to support the development of affordable and diverse housing types to meet the needs of people of all ages and abilities living in Stony Plain. 

Land Use Bylaw

The Land Use Bylaw (LUB) controls land use and development to ensure it aligns with the Town's vision. 

Leisure Services Master Plan

The Leisure Services Master Plan identifies needs and priorities for leisure development over the next 10 years, focusing on sport, recreation, culture and special event program and service delivery.

Main Street Streetscape Plan

The Main Street Streetscape Plan is an initiative to revitalize downtown Stony Plain by building on the existing small town atmosphere of the historic downtown.

Master Plan for Stony Plain, Alberta

The Master Plan for Stony Plain outlines existing and future trends for the Town.

Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) guides community development for the next 20-30 years. The MDP provides a vision to ensure sustainable growth and balance land use priorities with environmental, social, economic, infrastructure, and governance considerations. The MDP is an important decision-making tool for residents, property owners, administration, and Council.

Parks and Open Space Master Plan

The Parks and Open Space Master Plan guides the acquisition, development, and management of parks, open spaces, and outdoor recreation amenities in the community for the next 10 years.

Park Space Guidelines

The Park Space Guidelines establish a clear process for park space planning and design at both the area structure plan and subdivision stages of the municipal planning process. They act as the guiding document to implement and inform how the Town, development community, stakeholders, and partners allocate and plan new parks and open spaces to provide recreation uses and amenities that are suitable for the surrounding residential neighbourhoods.

Poverty Reduction Strategy

The Poverty Reduction Strategy outlines the current realities in Stony Plain and provides a framework for poverty alleviation and aligning strategies across the region.


Quality Management Plan 

The Quality Management Plan (QMP) sets the terms and conditions of accreditation for the Town of Stony Plain to administer the Safety Codes Act. It describes the scope, operational requirements, and service delivery standards. As of January 1, 2021, the Town of Stony Plain has updated its Quality Management Plan.

Quarterly Reports

This detailed report on projects and initiatives is presented to Council.

Download accessible and printable version of 2024 Q1 Report.


























Stony Plain Population and Employment Forecast 

The Stony Plain Population and Employment Forecast provides future growth scenarios for population and employment opportunities based on census data and projected driver industries.

Stormwater Management Master Plan

The Stormwater Management Master Plan ensures we continue move our community in a progressive, environmentally responsible direction. 

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan provides a framework to guide Council in their decision making process and outlines priorities in the five foundations of the Town of Stony Plain's planning considerations: Governance and Partners; Economic Opportunity; Supportive Infrastructure; Community Development; and Environmental Responsibility.

Download accessible and printable version of 2024-2027 Strategic Plan


Target Sector Study & Marketing Plan 

The Target Sector Study & Marketing Plan examines factors to determine recommendations for targeted growth opportunities and a marketing strategy to support local services that are critical for the community's quality of life. 

Tourism Master Plan

The Tourism Master Plan will guide tourism initiatives in Stony Plain for the next 10 years.

Trails Master Plan

The Trails Master Plan provides an interconnected trail system to serve existing and newly developing areas. The plan promotes trail development, providing recreational opportunities to improve health and wellness and increase the quality of life for residents. In 2011, the Trails Master Plan Evaluation and Update was written to determine work that has been completed since the initial report and to identify missing links that are required to connect the trail network. 

 Tri-Municipal Regional Plan

The Tri-Municipal Regional Plan was developed in 2020-2021 in partnership with Parkland County and the City of Spruce Grove with the intent to improve governance, service delivery, fiscal capacity, and economic prosperity for the benefit of the citizens of the Tri-Municipal Region. It will enable the Tri-Municipal Region partners to strategically align planning for growth and service delivery to achieve mutual benefit for all of our citizens.  The Plan provides recommendations that may be implemented over the next 40 years. 

Tri-Municipal Regional Transit Plan 

The Tri-Municipal Regional Transit Plan provides a unified vision for future transit service in the Tri-Region, including supporting infrastructure and strategies for plan implementation. 

Tri-Municipal Region Transit Report

The Tri-Municipal Region Transit Report identifies a framework to introduce a regional transit system in the Tri-Region, including key actions to lead to system establishment. 

Transportation Master Plan

The Transportation Master Plan considers existing travel patterns, anticipated traffic volumes and employment forecasts to determine a short and long term road network required to accommodate expected growth in our community. 

Tri-Region Indoor Facility Study

The Tri-Region Indoor Facility Study is a framework for regional collaboration and will guide decisions regarding the development and enhancement of indoor recreation facilities in the Tri-Region over the next 10 years.

Tri-Region Short-Term Non-Market Housing Strategy

Building on the Tri-Municipal Regional Plan Housing Assessment released in 2021, the Tri-Region Short-Term Non-Market Housing Study provides additional information on how to support residents who may be experiencing homelessness, living in unsafe situations, or be at risk of losing their homes. The study presents an overview of present-day realities within the Tri-Region, which includes a measurement of supports currently available for residents in need of temporary housing.

Urban Agriculture Plan

Stony Plain's Urban Agriculture Plan sets the direction for the Town to prioritize urban agriculture by establishing a framework to encourage a variety of urban agriculture methods, supporting production of and access to local food, and ingraining the practice of urban agriculture within the community. 

Water and Sanitary Master Plan

The Water and Sanitary Master Plan provides information on water and sewer management infrastructure to identify when improvements are required to maintain service levels for the Town. This information is required to determine future upgrades and expansion of underground services.

Statutory plans

Statutory plans are legal documents that the municipality, residents, and developers must follow. These plans are required through the Municipal Government Act and must be approved by Council.

The Town of Stony Plain's statutory plans include:

  • Area Structure Plans
  • Area Redevelopment Plans
  • Municipal Development Plan

Non-statutory plans and studies

Non-statutory plans encourage the direction of development in particular areas.

The Town of Stony Plain's non-statutory plans and studies include, but are not limited to, the:

  • Parks and Open Space Master Plan
  • Trails Master Plan
  • Transportation Study
  • Utilities Master Plan